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Although October is well underway and the heat will fade inevitably, Nutcache offers an opportunity to rejoice with a couple of new features that will help you better manage your business and improve your cash flow.

Identify billable projects at a glance

The “Invoice projects” feature has been improved so that from now on you can recognize at a glance all the projects that have unbilled hours or expenses grouped by client and displayed according to a specific date range.

billable projects

The screen provides information on the total billable hours, the labor and billable expenses and the total billable amount for all projects related to each of your clients. You can then choose to bill each project individually or to bill a client for all his billable projects at once.

Speed up time and expense approval

Nutcache has made much easier for project managers responsible for approving time and expenses, because from now on, the approval calendar feature highlights the difference between the total work hours and expenses and the billable work hours and expenses.

billable hours and expenses


Whatever the time of year, the Nutcache team is always working hard to enrich and improve your preferred management application, and it’s all yours to enjoy!


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