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Organizing and planning your work to make the most of your time can sometimes be a daunting task. The new My Workspace feature helps you organize and complete your tasks faster and more efficiently as each member can view at a glance the tasks that need to be performed.

All tasks assigned to you in a project will appear in the My Workspace section. You can view and group your assigned tasks either by project or by due date.

With the Due date view, all tasks with a set due date will display in the order in which they are due: Overdue, Today, Tomorrow, Later this week and Upcoming. Tasks with no due date will be grouped in the Unplanned section. With the Project view, tasks are grouped by project.

A completed task is automatically removed from your workspace. However, you can easily find all your completed tasks in your project task list. The My Workspace feature lets you perform these actions:

  • open a task for further details
  • visualize the project info, labels and indicators
  • change the status of a task
  • assign members
  • log time entries
  • add due dates
  • mark tasks as completed



New visible task info

We took advantage of this new feature to make a few additional changes to Nutcache. Thus, new information such as the status, the project name and the task list are now displayed within the task itself.

task info

New terminology

We have made several changes to the project-related terminology. Here are the new terms you’ll find in the application:

  • Boards that you find within your projects have been replaced by Task lists.
  • Lists, which currently represent the columns within a board, become Statuses.
  • Cards, which are found in lists, have been renamed as Tasks.
  • Tasks that can be created within a card are now Subtasks.

New automation

You will find a “Done” status (former list) in each new task list you create. When a task status is changed to Done, the Done Date will automatically be added to the task. You can also set the “Done” status by clicking on the Set as “Done” status in the status options menu.


A new project creation screen

In addition to your new Workspace, this update introduces a completely redesigned project creation screen. Organized in two areas, the creation screen allows you to jumpstart your project by using a template that corresponds to your business reality. The More options link also allows you to define the project settings right away or you can set them later once the project is created.

nutcache project


To learn more about these changes, please refer to this article. We hope this latest update empowers you and your team to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Boost your productivity, login to Nutcache today!