2 minutes

We’re so happy to introduce a much-awaited feature that will allow you to plan, manage and visualize your projects and their task dependencies over time: the Gantt chart. Nutcache’s Gantt charts offer all the agility to adjust your project tasks in real-time, and from one place. The Gantt chart feature is available with our Pro and Enterprise editions.

Here’s how you’ll benefit from the new Gantt chart feature:

    • Never miss a deadline
    • See who’s busy doing what
    • Adjust project when plan changes
    • Create and link tasks using dependencies
    • Always see the big picture


Plan your project

The Gantt chart dynamic timeline lets you easily plan every step of your project. Break down each phase of your project and detail the work to be done by adding tasks.



Set project deadline and dependencies

Add planned start dates and due dates to get your project schedule. Link each task with dependencies and see what needs to be done before starting something new.




Track the progress of the tasks

See how the tasks meet the estimated time and track the work completed. Make sure your project goes according to plan and easily make adjustments to reschedule your tasks.



We have put a lot of hard work and energy into developing this feature-rich, interactive tool designed to help project managers plan, track and allocate work and resources over time within a project. And we hope this latest addition empowers you and your team to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Boost your productivity, login to Nutcache today!