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10 07, 2019

As A Veteran Freelancer, Are You Ready To Level Up And Be An Entrepreneur?


If you’ve got your freelancing career established and are making good money working on your own terms and handpicking your clients, you’ve hit the sweet spot right there. That’s what every freelancer dreams of – well paying clients, steady gigs, flexible timings and the freedom to work out of your treehouse.   However, the sweet [...]

As A Veteran Freelancer, Are You Ready To Level Up And Be An Entrepreneur?2019-07-10T13:02:57+00:00
5 02, 2019

Web project manager job description


The web project manager is often described as an orchestra conductor, leading several groups of people to work together during various project phases in order to achieve the objectives set while complying with the constraints of costs and deadlines. He or she will ensure the supervision and coordination of the various tasks to be performed [...]

Web project manager job description2019-02-05T15:55:48+00:00
5 02, 2019

Phases of an architectural project


A construction project, like any project, requires going through different phases. From the analysis of the needs to the receipt of the work, by way of preliminary studies, the request for building permits, project management (the client) and project management (the architect) must collaborate in order to complete the architectural project. It is important to [...]

Phases of an architectural project2019-02-05T15:17:49+00:00
8 01, 2018

5 Ways to Improve Teamwork with Scrum Methods


It’s a fact that we are able to accomplish more by working together than as individuals. In a large study conducted by Salesforce regarding workplace challenges, 86% of leaders agreed that failing to work together as a team was the leading cause of project failure. Teamwork is an essential element of a successful company. Businesses [...]

5 Ways to Improve Teamwork with Scrum Methods2019-05-28T15:04:39+00:00
4 08, 2017

A Simple Guide to Understanding Continuous Integration (CI)


In this model, we explain the definition of Continuous Integration and its relationship with Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery, and how these processes occur. When we are done with the preliminaries, we explore further the intricacies of these systems and their workflow. What is Continuous Integration? According to Techopedia, Continuous Integration (CI) is… “Continuous integration [...]

A Simple Guide to Understanding Continuous Integration (CI)2019-05-28T15:04:41+00:00