3 12, 2018

Scrum Master Job Description


Scrum is without a doubt one of the most used Agile project management methodologies in the field of IT development. The Scrum master guarantees the implementation and application of the Scrum methodology within the project team. He ensures as well that the team can be independent with the method in order to obtain good productivity. [...]

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26 11, 2018

Agile velocity: definition, calculation, and proper use


Often associated with the Scrum methodology, Agile velocity may be a valuable tool when it comes to tracking the work done by a development team during a sprint and helping to predict the predictability of the next one. On the other hand, poorly used as a performance indicator for management, for example, it can be [...]

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9 10, 2018

Scrumban: all about the Scrum-Kanban method


You know Scrum, the very widely used agile project management method. You know Kanban, the method of production management with pull-flow. Here is Scrumban now, which will combine the flexibility provided by Scrum to Kanban's just-in-time workflow management.A novelty? Not really! Scrumban was born at the end of the 2000s. The use in real conditions [...]

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23 08, 2018

Lifecycle of a software & Application Lifecycle Management within an Agile project


A software or an application is not only limited to one or many programs used by clients. A software is born, lives and dies; that’s why we refer to the “lifecycle” of a software. The lifecycle of an application is made of all the stages punctuating its course; from the starting idea until the [...]

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16 08, 2018

Agile functional specifications


Those who don’t know well Agile management methods can feel that the team is working without any specifications. Goals vary from one sprint to another; we don’t know exactly what’s going to be in the next sprint… It is although far from the truth. Stating that an Agile project doesn’t have any specifications is [...]

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6 08, 2018

8 tools to present an Agile Scrum retrospective


The retrospective, which is an essential phase of Agile’s continuous enhancement process, requires all participants to get involve and everybody to be able to talk freely without feeling judged or fear retaliation. It’s the time to assess the past sprint and what has worked well and what hasn’t. It is although not simple for [...]

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3 05, 2018

Velocity, a key indicator for better planning


How do you estimate the amount of work your team can realize within a sprint? Velocity is one of the most popular measures used by Scrum teams to add up effort estimates. This post intends to demonstrate how velocity can be useful during sprint planning to estimate how long the project will take to [...]

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21 03, 2018

7 Methods to Keep Sprint Meetings on Point


Almost every business around the globe relies on Sprint meetings in order to set a direction for the company, disseminate information, delegate tasks, and review the team’s performance. However, most meetings tend to drag on way longer than required, adversely affecting the productivity and the profitability of the organization. According to an article published in [...]

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12 02, 2018

How to manage and tag your stories with labels


Labels are visual indicators that can be associated with stories from both Agile boards and Scrum sprints. Use labels to organize and improve your board/sprint workflow and keep track of related stories. Thanks to this feature, you will have a better understanding of your project's progress since labels can make certain aspects of your [...]

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29 01, 2018

A Nerd’s Guide on Sprint Backlog and Product Backlog


Learning about Agile systems can almost be like learning a new language. There are so many terms, ideologies, and frameworks to remember that it’s easy to get things confused or jumbled up. Whether you are confusing Scrum with Agile, still figuring out how to hold an effective Sprint Planning meeting, or unsuccessfully applying Agile [...]

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