3 minutes

For some time now, we have based the visual and functional transformations of the application on the design principles established by Google (Material Design). The same fundamental principles apply when it comes to designing the internal navigation structure of the application.

With this in mind, we completely redesigned the internal navigation of the application to allow users to move around more efficiently and to provide visual cues to better orient users within the application.

nutcache navigation



The main change is that now all the sub-menus in the left main menu have been moved horizontally to the right. Thus, by reducing the size of the left menu, the new navigation offers more space on the right to display your information.

new navigation


A quicker access to your projects

While redesigning the navigation structure, we also added a List view to the Projects module. This List view allows you to see both all of your projects and the details of the selected project as this view lets you keep the current project active while browsing the list of projects on the left. Moreover, the List view allows you to search and filter all projects.

new navigation



More goodies to make the use of Nutcache easier!

In addition to the new navigation, other frequently requested features are also available as part of this update.

Settings relocation

As part of the redesign of the navigation structure, some tabs (settings and information) have been moved and grouped under a new Settings icon. This includes the organization, project and client settings.

new navigation

First day of the week

Since some Nutcache users use Monday as the first day of their work week, and others Sunday, we decided to let you determine the first working day of your week according to your reality.

new navigation


The invoice template editor

We redesigned the invoice template editor to make it easier to use. A simple drag and drop of available options allows you to customize your template to better meet your billing needs.

new navigation


As you can see, despite the crazy times we are all going through, our desire to develop a great product and ease your life remains as strong as ever. We hope these changes empower you and your team to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Boost your productivity, login to Nutcache today!