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Nutcache has just made available in Beta mode a new feature that should delight all project managers: the ability to set rules in your task lists so that some actions are performed automatically. With Nutcache’s automations, you can configure combinations of triggers and actions to automate repetitive and tedious actions, saving you time and allowing you to focus on managing your projects.

Reduce the amount of manual repetitive work

How can automation rules help you? Automation allows you to : 

  • Automate your most common processes
  • Choose from over 20 prebuilt templates
  • Reduce the level of manual work your employees have to do
  • Free up your employees for higher value-added tasks
  • Reduce the risk of potential errors

The Nutcache automations are easy to use and don’t require any coding experience to set up. An automation rule consists of a trigger followed by an action. In other words, when this happens (trigger) then do this (action). A trigger is a specific event that triggers an action. The available triggers are the following:

  • Creating a new task
  • Assigning members
  • Changing a task priority
  • Adding labels
  • Changing status
  • Marking a tasks as “completed”, for example



An action is a step that accomplishes a specific task following the execution of the trigger. There are 4 different actions that can be selected to be done automatically when the conditions are met:

  • Assign members
  • Define the priority of a task
  • Change status
  • Add labels

Here are some ideas of automated rules:

  • When creating a new task Set its priority to “Normal”
  • When a specific member is assigned to a task Set the task priority to “High”
  • When adding a specific label  Change the task status
  • When changing the status of a task Add a specific label to the task



Auto-assign members to projects

Another improvement that is part of process automation is the new option added to a member’s settings that now allows that member to be assigned to all new projects automatically.

auto-assign member


We have put a lot of hard work and energy into developing these new features designed to help speed up your project workflow by automating repetitive tasks. We hope these improvements empower you and your team to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Boost your productivity, login to Nutcache today!