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Today, Nutcache makes available its latest update that brings changes to the way taxes are managed in the application but also introduces GitHub integration and Google sign in to help you work smarter and faster.

Managing sales tax made easier

Prior to this update, applicable taxes could be set from either the client file, the product/task file, or from the item type file, which could sometime lead to confusion when billing clients for work done as for which tax to use. Now, Nutcache’s latest update removes this potential confusion by letting you set the applicable taxes in one place only, the client file, while the product/task/item type files will only be set as taxable or non-taxable. Consequently, this change means that from now on all your client files must include an applicable tax. The products/tasks/item types for which you had set an applicable tax will now be identified as taxable.

client tax

Linking GitHub commits to Nutcache stories

Development teams will be pleased with the possibility they now have to easily locate and consult directly from a story the work committed in GitHub. Thanks to Nutcache’s latest update, it is now possible to keep track of code changes made to every iteration, to identify the persons who made those changes and the action taken by linking your GitHub commits to your Nutcache stories.

github integration

Accessing Nutcache with Google sign in

Another new feature that should appeal to new Nutcache users is the ability to create and sign in to their Nutcache account using their Google login credentials. As for existing Nutcache users, they will also be able to link their Nutcache account to a Google account for a quicker connection. Plus, using a Google account to log into Nutache means one less password to remember!

google integration


Should you require more information about this latest Nutcache update, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Let us know below what you think about this latest update. We’d love to hear your feedback!