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Labels are visual indicators that can be associated with stories from both Agile boards and Scrum sprints. Use labels to organize and improve your board/sprint workflow and keep track of related stories.

Thanks to this feature, you will have a better understanding of your project’s progress since labels can make certain aspects of your workflow more visible and set apart stories that are blocked or need discussion.

How to use labels

Labels are specific to a particular project. Therefore, you can create and manage labels from the project itself or through the project board or sprints.

From the board:
manage labels
By default, Nutcache comes with predefined labels for both Agile and Scrum project types.

Default labels for Scrum projects:

default labels

Through the Manage labels dialog, you can modify, deactivate or delete a label with one click of a button. But what’s even better, you can also create new labels more adapted to your business needs!

A new feature to improve your business workflow

Opening the Manage labels dialog (through the project itself or from the board/sprint), Nutcache lets you add and manage your project labels very easily. Click the + Label  link, choose a label name and colour and make sure its status is set to active.

create label

How to add a label to a story

Labels can be added to stories whether in expanded or collapsed view:

add labels
To add a label to a story, simply select the desired label from the list and click the OK button. To remove a label from a story, expand the story and click the label to deselect it from the list.

Every member with a collaborator or contributor access profile can add/remove labels from the stories, but only members with a board/sprint manager access profile can create, delete and manage labels.

Reap the benefits of using labels right from the Agile Planner

Labels added to your project stories are also visible within the Agile Planner providing additional insights into your project workflow:

agile planner

To sum up, this new feature allows you to
  • better organize your boards/sprints by prioritizing stories,
  • show you at a glance each story’s progress,
  • easily identify and track related stories.

To help you deliver projects on time and within budget, make sure to add this new label feature to your team best practices.

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