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Don’t know how much time you spend on your company’s activities? Still having issues billing your clients? Or worse, unable to prove the profitability of the projects you’re working on? Here at Nutcache, we understand many of these problems as a result of years of experience and exchanges with our clients, and with each new update of our product, we consider the gaps that need to be filled as well as, most importantly, the solutions that our partners have requested in their daily work routines. If your company focuses on creativity, content creation, branding, or media, Nutcache is the best and most comprehensive project management tool your team can use in its day-to-day operations, and with the tools that we will show you next, your work will become simpler, agile, productive, and entirely trackable – there are some of the many reasons why creative agencies should use Nutcache.

In this article, we will explore some of the tools available to help you monitor the production and flow of your Nutcache projects. These features were created specifically to meet the needs of various businesses, with the communication and design companies benefiting the most. It’s time to say goodbye to the many different software your company uses and instead use Nutcache to save time, money, and extend your team’s potential. Let’s find out the reasons that will make you select the plan that fits your business and sign up?

Discover 5 essential tools for your content, branding or media agency:


Fully customizable task visualization and organization

It is very common that, for each job or project performed in a creative or media agency, many users are involved to carry out each step of the process. Furthermore, sometimes each task has subtasks that require other professionals. At the same time, different elements of the same project have varying durations, expenses, and budgets, making it difficult to track and monitor everything in one place, but not with Nutcache, as you can see:

With our tasks, you or your project manager can delegate work, assemble the team involved, describe what needs to be done, in addition to configure subtasks and checklists with different responsible people and deadlines. And that’s not all: you still have at hand a detailed view of the activities carried out within a task – for example, whenever someone marks a step as completed or starts a new step – besides checking all the time entries recorded by members of the team in the task and a detailed statement of expenses in that project.

Regardless of your company’s workflow, you can define a start and end date for the task, attach files so that all the necessary material is gathered in one place, set the task priority level, estimate the time of completion and even define the business value related to this task as well as the estimated complexity points of its execution, which are important options when it comes to analyse and evaluate the project profitability.

Nutcache also has two very important tools to keep the workflow organized and the members of a project aligned: task dependencies and task mirroring. With the first one, you guarantee that, in case a task can only start after another one is completed, they have a dependency on each other, which ensures that projects that need to be executed in an order do not get out of control. 

The second one is a great time-saving tool if your creative agency works with similar demands for different clients, because it allows you to mirror tasks in different projects or in the same project flow.

You can already visualize a more organized work routine just with these tools, right? This is why creative agencies should use Nutcache, and we still have a lot to show you. Also, don’t worry if this is your first time getting to grips with project management, you can check out some of the basics in this simplified guide we’ve prepared. Let’s continue, shall we?

Project team creation and management

Have you ever needed to know or visualize what each person on a team isdoing or what is the volume of participation of certain members in a project? This is an extremely common demand among Nutcache’s customers: one of the biggest problems of the work routine is not having an organization chart that is easily accessible and visualized to understand the business’s own workflows.

Fulfilling requests and deciphering different needs, we have developed not just one, but 5 different ways to visualize your teams and the work each member is performing within your company’s projects:

  • Calendar view
  • Gantt chart
  • Simplified subtask screen
  • Individual workspace
  • Kanban template with board and list views

Now, anyone involved in the project or the project manager himself can have a detailed view of stages, completion dates, responsible members, priorities and complete execution status – and they can still choose the format that best suits their needs among the 5 described above. Amazing, isn’t it? And it’s not over yet!

Real-time project budgeting

Have you ever wondered if a certain activity, project or tasks is still worth it, financially speaking, but never bothered to go deeper into the analysis due to the lack of tools that would allow you to do that? Another reason why creative agencies should use Nutcache: with our product, that problem is solved! We have developed a method of budgeting projects by hours, by amounts or by costs that allows a 360º notion of the profitability of any project carried out by your business.

Now, you will be able to assess whether all assignments are worthwhile or whether it’s necessary to start picking and choosing which requests your agency accepts more carefully. Clients that request a lot of changes or who deploy a lot of various content formats are examples of common profitability issues, which need more team time and aren’t always accompanied by an increase in the cost of the final output.

With Nutcache, you define the hourly cost of each member involved in the project – which is an excellent way to bring together professionals from different areas and levels in a single delivery, from interns to seniors – as well as track the number of hours worked by each member in real-time and determine if the actual cost of a project is equivalent to what is being charged for it, ensuring that your company doesn’t lose money and time.

Accurate time tracking for business profitability

Different companies have different formats of employment contracts: monthly fees, isolated demands and contracting by projects are some of the examples. In either case, contracts are made and the cost of the final product is calculated primarily by the hours spent on demands.

Considering this, have you ever wondered if the amount of hours spent for each demand is still in line with what is foreseen in your contracts? This is a constant concern for managers and business owners, and it directly affects the company’s profitability.

With Nutcache, this analysis is done much easier – our task system has an accurate time tracking for each employee involved in the projects and this visualization happens in a very simple and intuitive way by CEOs or project managers when analyzing the new business profitability and also when carrying out contractual adjustments or updates for your company’s clients.

Combined with the real-time budgeting tool for each of your projects, the time-tracking monitoring allows a much better production control and analytical assertiveness for any business that works with productivity reports. Very easy, isn’t it? Add this to the list of reasons why creative agencies should use Nutcache.

Integrated and error-proof invoicing

It’s time to talk about one of the main insights developed after active listening to several business owners and project managers: the invoicing tool.

If you are already using a project management tool, chances are you need a second tool to invoice your clients – we did an extensive research among Nutcache’s competitors and this was one most common concerns between professionals in the financial sector. With our product, you have access to a complete native invoicing system, designed to be error-proof and fully integrated into the projects you develop in your company using Nutcache.

This allows a better and more precise control, with the visualization of all invoices issued, a list of the different payments made and those pending billing, in addition to monitoring the estimates made for your customers. Nutcache also offers recurring invoicing and the ability to send reminders to late-paying clients.Tired of paying twice the price for a project management tool and an invoicing tool that don’t fully integrate and, because of that, don’t always work? Then it’s time to choose Nutcache for your company. 


As we have just seen, regardless of whether your business is an advertising, content, media agency or a design and branding studio, Nutcache has several solutions that will facilitate the prospecting, maintenance and reformulation of business contracts.

The organization and visualization of teamwork at various levels, the realization of personalized budgets and accurate time tracking, combined with a native and fully integrated invoicing system make our company a strong ally of expanding and also consolidated businesses that demand a reformulation of project management. Now you have plenty reasons why creative agencies should use Nutcache.

You can rely on our solutions, our Customer Success team and our active listening to continue to provide innovation and practicality so that work is always more productive, optimized and integrated across the different areas of your company.