Scrum project management for everyone
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Scrum framework and get faster results

Benefit from a simple and intuitive backlog management

You can divide work into manageable chunks to manage and prioritize cards with ease. Planning a sprint is also simple and quick using drag-and-drop to move cards from the backlog to the sprint.

scrum project management
scrum project management

Oversee the complete sprint cycle management

Plan, manage and track sprint activities with easy-to-use visual lists. Choose the duration of a sprint, define a sprint goal, link it to its release and close sprint once the duration is reached. See the project progress in burn-down charts and make adjustments on the fly.

Manage cards and tasks

Nutcache offers a complete set of tools and features that provide a clear view of the remaining – ongoing – completed tasks, ensuring you always stay aligned with the sprint goal.

scrum project management
scrum project management

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