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The last few months have been somehow different from the usual and it is important to recognize your incredible work. As an entrepreneur, you’ve had to demonstrate an adaptability that goes beyond anything you’ve experienced before. 2020 will be a historic year and it is essential to use it in order to continue to grow.

What we went through forced us to rethink our priorities, our values and our ways of doing things in our professional, family and social life. When it comes to work management, Nutcache offers you some tips to help make 2021 a better year for you.

Of course, as mentioned, you should not forget about 2020, but rather use your newly acquired knowledge to leap further into the realization of your projects. Down here, you will find key tips that make it easier for you to work on your team and lighten everyone’s tasks.

Use the right tools

It is essential for you to optimize the execution of the tasks at hand, for your team. To do this, you will have to find the ideal working tools. Ditch options that require a lot of manual intervention, such as spreadsheets. With spreadsheets, you always need to plan time to put together a matrix containing all of the operating factors. You will then need to make sure that everyone has entered their updates and this working method increases the risk of error and incorrect data in your spreadsheets.

Instead, you should choose tables already presented and adapted to your needs. This way, you will save precious time. Nutcache offers you, among other things, several interactive options for managing your projects. The members of your team will be able to indicate the stages of their work simultaneously and the persons concerned will be notified. This is a particularly effective method of communication.

Maintain control over the task

Likewise, once you have identified a management system that matches your needs, you will have more control over what needs to be done. Indeed, it will be possible for you to have an overview of the daily activities and to know the performance indices of your project (KPIs). It is essential to know, in real time, the progress of your work. Thus, you will bypass the last-minute surprises and you will be able to accomplish the tasks within the prescribed deadlines.

All team members will then have access to your project schedule. This way, it will be easier to spot at which stage a task is stuck and delays due to communication problems will be avoidable, thanks to the various tools of Nutcache.

Automate as much as possible

Also note that it is important to take advantage of each technological progression to facilitate the work of your team. There are several ways to automate repetitive tasks, Nutcache offers several management tables. For example, you can automatically assign items to someone in your organization, assign special priority to all new scheduled tasks, and even automatically change the status of a step when a tag is added.

Moreover, beyond your management tables, it is essential that your development teams benefit from the continued integration. The implementation of their operations will be accelerated, and the risk of errors will be reduced.

Finally, remember that many systems allow you to schedule your posts and emails in advance. Thus, by planning your various messages, you will avoid last minute problems.

The importance of collaboration

Also, as you will probably have learned in the last few months, managing long distance relationships is a complex task. Whether it is with your organization or your customers, it is important to promote and encourage collaboration between everyone. You need to show leadership and maintain a functional and effective relationship.

Project management boards will ensure that all team members have access to work development. Thus, all will be up to date and you will prevent people from being forgotten in certain exchanges. Also, many virtual communications tools have gained popularity in recent months. It is important to continue to use them since they allow you to maintain fairly direct contact with your interlocutors.

Centralize resources

Finally, think about having a working tool that follows with your reality. It is important to know the progress of your tasks, but it is also necessary to ensure the transmission of knowledge.

For the different stages of your project, management tables such as Gantt charts will let you know where your planning is at. This way, when someone will be away, you will still be able to be up to date with what is left to do and you won’t be running behind schedule.

When it comes to the transmission of knowledge, the ideal is for each team member to have at least one colleague with whom he shares his knowledge. You will avoid getting into complicated situations if someone were to be away for a while.

Although 2020 has been a difficult year in several ways, we must admit that it has provided us with a great deal of learning. As for professional life, managers have had to adapt by leading teams in completely different ways. It is by discovering innovative resources that organizations have had to adjust their working methods according to a new reality. Entrepreneurs must be proud of the past few months since they have been able to ensure the success of their projects despite the events.

Start the New Year off on the right foot by getting a plan that matches your team’s needs. Facilitate your operations by reducing the management of your projects. Nutcache offers you a wide variety of tools that will give you peace of mind and efficient stewardship.

We wish you a happy New Year!