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The holidays are usually a festive period during which several members of your organization will be away for a few days. Let’s be honest, everyone needs a break. Even you sometimes need a break. Vacations are important for both employees and employers. A rested team will be back at work motivated and ready for challenges.

However, while your teams and employees are away, it is important to ensure a good business continuity. Indeed, several functions must continue, on every day of the year.

Fortunately, it is possible to plan a vacation with a functional structure. Also, in our age of technology, many tools are made available to companies to automate a large part of your operations.


As an employer, it is important to develop a vacation calendar in which all planned absences will be recorded. Thus, you will avoid unpleasant last-minute surprises. Ideally, by early fall you will start to survey your teams about their holiday intentions.

If your business operations come to a complete halt during this time of the year, your planning will be greatly facilitated. However, remember to allow time for adjustment upon return. If your company continues its work, it will be necessary to identify the people who will not be in complete shutdown. Make sure you get ahead and clearly distribute tasks among your team members. When there are major changes, such as a vacation period, it’s easy to lose track of what obligations need to be fulfilled.

On the other hand, although it is important to know who will be absent, it will also be necessary to know the consequent days that will appear in their calendar. Make sure you are aware of the deadlines for any projects that are in progress.

In order to ensure that all tasks can be completed, you will need to make sure that there is good knowledge sharing in your team. Each person should be able to identify a colleague who has the same abilities and that would be able to complete their tasks. This will make vacation planning easier and your employees will be able leave with a rested head.

Tools at your disposal

To help you optimize your management, there are many tools at your disposal. By preparing in an ingenious way, your team will trust you and go on vacation without feeling stressed about the accumulated tasks that will await them when they return. Fortunately, many of your operations can be automated.

First off, you can plan your social media posts in advance. It is well known that your presence on various platforms is essential. To avoid having to create some content every day, it is possible to plan future posts. It is even possible to program them beforehand on your different channels. Know that several applications allow you to program everything in advance. In fact, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are among the media that offer publishing tools to help plan everything in advance. However, there are various devices such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Later, and many more also at your disposal.

If you normally send newsletters to your clients, know that it is possible to write and schedule these beforehand. There are several easy-to-use platforms to discover like MailChimp and Leadfox. The important thing to remember is that, even if some of your employees are absent, your company must continue to reach its customers.

You must not forget to schedule an automatic vacation notice on your email application. It is even possible to redirect your messages to the address of your colleague or employee in charge of your files. This way, you will ensure that your messages will be answered within a reasonable time and that, in the situation where everyone is absent, the interlocutor will be informed. You will avoid creating frustrations with your customers. Likewise, don’t forget to change your voicemail to let people know that you won’t be in office for a few days.

Finally, note that several platforms will allow you to synchronize electronic calendars within your team. This is an option that can be really useful when there are vacation periods. In fact, you will be able to know the schedule of your colleagues and employees and plan the deadlines.

Key points to remember

Please remember that vacations are important to your team. Your employees will be grateful that they can leave with peace of mind and they will come back even more motivated. Moreover, it is also essential to recognize the work that is done throughout the year within your business. So think about planning an activity with colleagues and employees to highlight the many efforts and wish everyone happy holidays. If it is not possible to meet, there are several alternative methods. With apps like Zoom, you can, for example, host a dinner party remotely or even schedule an afternoon of games like online bingo.

In conclusion, to ensure the success of your company’s holiday period and prevent overflows, Nutcache offers several management tools. For example, with Gantt charts, you will have a general overview of all the tasks or current projects. Thus, your planning will be done efficiently. With this type of method, you will maintain good communication in your team, and you will not have any last-minute problems.

Find the plan that meets your needs today!

Happy holidays!