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Project management is at the core of any collaborative, creation-focused business. Atelier Urbain, a hub for best practices in urban planning and design, is no exception. With multiple stakeholders and a myriad of tasks at hand, Atelier Urbain discovered that Nutcache was the ideal solution to streamline project management. Let’s explore this use case in depth.

Scenario – what Atelier Urbain needed?

Atelier Urbain, with its focus on collaboration and urban planning integration, had a pressing challenge: tracking and managing numerous projects and tasks with around fifty team members.

They needed a robust and intuitive solution that could adapt to their changing requirements to streamline project management.

Solution – how Nutcache was able to help them thrive

When dealing with project management, we know that it’s not easy to manage teams, stakeholders, demands, suppliers and all the different variables that are part of the job – it requires time, skilled labor and, above all, a lot of organization.

Here’s where Nutcache, our all-in-one project management software, comes in. After testing various platforms, Atelier Urbain settled on Nutcache for several reasons:

  • Comprehensive Project Oversight: Nutcache offered both detailed tracking for individual projects and a global view, allowing for an extensive overview of tasks and progress.
  • Timesheet Efficiency: Nutcache’s timesheets became an instant hit among the team. These sheets allowed team members to effortlessly log their hours, streamlining both project tracking and payroll.
  • Visual Task Management: The ability to visually manage tasks using cards (akin to a Kanban board) was a highlight. Team members could shift tasks between columns based on their status, such as estimates “in progress”, “obtained”, or “lost”. This not only helped in tracking bids but also provided invaluable insights at year-end, aiding decision-making.
  • Detailed Reporting: Atelier Urbain took on a significant project in Laval that spanned five years and had a budget exceeding $1 million. Using Nutcache, they could systematically integrate and monitor the project, ensuring it stayed on budget. Even their clients benefited from the transparency, as they could easily understand and reconcile invoice queries with detailed reports.

Benefits and Outcomes of using Nutcache

After adopting Nutcache as their official project management tool, the team at Atelier Urbain felt the positive impact of an all-in-one software on their day-to-day work.

In the words of Louis-Michel Fournier, Urban Planner and General Manager at Atelier Urbain: “The fact that you even come to our offices to monitor our needs a little, take note of our requests, ask questions for your future improvements. I don’t think there are any other companies that would be so keen on, say, improving the platform.”

Centralizing information, keeping all employees engaged on the same page and closely monitoring progress have been key points in boosting the business. They also pointed out other decisive factors that the use of Nutcache has brought in order to help streamline project management:

  • Employee Oversight: Managers found it extremely beneficial during one-on-one sessions with team members, helping them assess project performance and overall professional development.
  • Payroll Precision: Nutcache’s meticulous hour tracking ensured that employees were paid accurately based on the hours they logged.
  • Visual Insights for Business Strategy: The visual representation of tasks enabled Atelier Urbain to evaluate their efforts and outcomes, guiding future strategies.
  • Enhanced Client Trust: The ability to share detailed project reports fostered trust with clients, making invoicing smoother.

What we learned from Atelier Urbain’s use case:

The experience of Atelier Urbain with Nutcache highlights the software’s transformative capabilities in project management. By fostering transparency, efficiency, and collaborative decision-making, Nutcache has positioned itself as a trusted partner for organizations aiming for growth and precision.

As Louis-Michel put it, “I use it very often. I don’t necessarily manage all projects, but I can look at all the projects. That’s it. Every day, my nutcache is open. We’re very happy with what it offers us.”

Want to find out how Nutcache can boost your business? Request your demo and talk to one of our experts.

Check out the full testimonial from the representatives of Atelier Urbain – Louis-Michel Fournier and Melissa Lamothe:

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