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The job of a project manager is to balance the various elements of a complex project.  Putting them in perspective and managing unexpected obstacles are among the issues that a project manager deal with in his day-to-day encounter with the team and other stakeholders.

1. Project management challenges within corporate projects.

Among the project management challenges that project managers experience are improperly defined goals and scope changes. It is essential that a manager understands and knows how to explain the goals of the project. Without a clearly defined goal, the project is doomed to fail.  He also needs to manage the project scope creep and try not to extend the project beyond its original objectives. When this happens, it is important that it will be evaluated and its effects on the budget and deadlines be discussed. A project manager needs to prepare for possible project management problems that come from undefined goals and scope creep.

2. Working with the team members.

A challenging project may need some skills that nobody in the team possesses. It is up to the project manager to decide whether a member will need to be trained for it or to add someone who already has the required skills to do the job. Other project management problems associated with working in teams are lack of accountability on the part of the members, finger-pointing and blaming each other – these are all unproductive and can bring the project into a complete halt.

3. Managing project risk.

Risk management is one of the project management issues that project managers need to deal with. Oftentimes, projects don’t go exactly as planned. An effective manager knows how to collect information, develop trust and anticipate which parts of the project are most likely to fail. He needs to develop control measures to prevent them from occurring. There is also a need to develop contingency plans that are clear and proven effective.

4. Communication challenges.

Poor communication is one of the project management challenges that always get in the way when it comes to managing people. An effective project manager needs to know how to deliver instructions so that they are clearly understood by the members. There is also a need to use a collaboration software such as Nutcache’s project management with collaboration tools to ensure that everybody is in the loop of the recent project developments.

5. Expectations management.

It is essential that project managers know what to expect of their team members. Likewise, members need to know what their manager expects of them. The team needs to discuss the sufficiency of resources as this is essential in successful completion of the project. Deadlines must be reasonable. Stakeholder needs to be engaged throughout the whole project, too.


For project managers to become more effective in their job, there is a need to attend project management training programs that can help them solve the most common project management challenges. In addition, Nutcache’s project management program can help organize their tasks and can greatly support them in their endeavor.

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