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Effective project management entails having the following attributes that are essential in becoming an effective project manager:

1. Effective communication skills.

One of the qualities of a good manager is being a good communicator so that he can connect with people at all levels. The project manager must clearly explain the project goals as well as each member’s tasks, responsibilities, expectations and feedback.

2. Strong leadership skills.

Effective project management means having strong leadership qualities such as being able to motivate his team and drive them to maximum performance so that they can achieve their goals.

3. Good decision maker.

An effective project manager needs to have decision-making skills because there will always be decisions that need to be acted on.

4. Technical expertise.

Since project management software and other related programs are essential in accomplishing the project goals, an effective project manager needs to have sound technical knowledge to understand the issues that are related to the technical aspect. Knowledge of theory as well as the technical side can greatly help the manager in taking strategic initiatives when needed.

5. Inspires a shared vision.

An effective project manager can articulate the vision to his team members very well. A visionary person can lead his people to the right direction as well as easily adapt to the changes that come in the way. They are good at empowering people to experience the vision on their own.

10 Attributes of an Effective Project Manager

6. Team-building skills.

It is necessary that a team works in unison otherwise the project will undergo various relationship challenges that might hinder its success. Project managers need to know how to give each of them the importance they need by focusing on their positive traits. He has to be fair and just in the way he treats them.

7. Cool under pressure.

As the project goes on, certain incidents could take a toll on the project’s momentum and test the project manager’s patience. It is essential that a project manager keeps his calm at all times and be consistently grounded so as not to lose himself and adversely affect his relationship with the team.

8. Good negotiation skills.

One of the qualities needed for effective project management is the ability to negotiate. In times that conflict arise due to differences in opinion, project managers need sheer negotiating skills to settle the issue and maintain harmony in the team.

9. Empathetic.

Understanding and caring for people as well as being grateful for their help are a few of the things that an empathetic leader shows to his members.  It includes understanding the needs of the project and its stakeholders.

10. Competence.

A good manager knows what he is doing, can initiate new projects as well as face the challenges that come with them.

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