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A successful project requires good organization as well as an efficient division of tasks for your team. Defining the roles of each participant clearly and precisely is essential in order to ensure the finality of the project within the prescribed deadlines. It is with this in mind that the RACI chart will ensure success in the management of your projects.

Using a RACI board gives all members of a team an overview of the tasks at hand. A RACI table is an essential tool in order to be successful in your role as a project manager. This matrix provides an overview of who is working on the project and how they are involved in the task.


What is an RACI?

RACI stands for responsible, accountable, consulted and informed. It is a communication tool that optimizes project management. To facilitate the execution of a project, this is the ideal tool to answer the question “Who’s doing what?”. It is therefore a table in which tasks are clearly assigned to members of a team.

The letter R is designated to the person doing the task, so it is the person responsible for carrying it out.

The letter A is assigned to whoever will be responsible for approving the work that has been done. This is the person who will be assigned responsibility for the success or failure of a task since they are responsible for ensuring that the task is completed.

The C is assigned to the person who should be consulted in case of need. Whether it is for advice or assistance with a task, this person is not always called upon. However, it is equally important to identify the consultant in order to avoid wasting time in the event of difficulty.

Finally, the I represents the end of the task and is assigned to a person who will not intervene. However, she must be kept informed of the progress of the project. This is usually the project manager or the person responsible for the next task at hand.

With an RACI board/chart, it is also possible to identify someone who will be responsible for the supporting operations. Hence the alternative that you may have already heard about: RASCI.

For each step, the responsible persons must be identified. It may seem like a daunting task, but this first step in the realization of your projects will save you precious time. Once your team is familiar with this new tool, your performance will be optimized. Here are three mistakes you will avoid by using RACI tables. 

  1.   Forget collaborators and clients in email chains:

When several members are involved in a project, a good communication will become essential to ensure a good continuity of operations. Email chains are not effective when it comes to reaching out to multiple people. With RACI tables, you get to know in real time what has been completed and there are no forgotten emails.

Avoid long exchanges of emails and use a precise tool.

  1.   Delivery deadlines:

It is easy to get lost in the different steps of a project. When tasks are splitted between several employees. One simple fall back from one of your team members could impact every steps of your project. Thus, communication is assured, and tasks can be adjusted according to the difficulties encountered in real time with RACI boards.

It is important to distribute tasks among employees to ensure that deadlines are achievable. Make it a priority.

  1.   Duplicating tasks:

When a tasks sheet is not clearly established, it is common for a communication to be encountered. Remember that time is precious when completing a project. You need to avoid at all costs to duplicate tasks and double bookings. Clear and concise distribution is essential to the success of your project management and your entire team should have access to an RACI board.

Avoid wasting hours of work with an RACI chart. Take the work up front and make sure the division of labor is clear.

  1.   Forget certain tasks:

While it is possible to perform duplicated tasks, it is also possible to forget some. Indeed, some projects are complex and are carried out over long periods. It is important to identify the tasks to be accomplished and to plan clearly and realistically. It is possible to forget tasks while carrying out a project.

From the beginning of your project, you should list all the tasks to be accomplished and clearly identify who is responsible for carrying them out. 

  1.   Misunderstandings within the team:

The development of a RACI table must be done with your team and will allow the assignment of roles and responsibilities within everyone. The division of labor will then be done in a clear and transparent manner. The steps will be well defined, and everyone will know their role in carrying out the work.

Every task and every role are important. Each member of your team must know what to do to complete the project.


Use RACI board, no matter the size of your team:

A lot of people do think that RACI tables are only good for large teams. Remember that project management takes place at all levels, even in teams of less than five people. Indeed, while it is convenient to be able to have access to this type of tool in a large team, small teams could also benefit from a RACI chart.

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