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The management of tasks is more complicated than we think. Naturally, if your team gets bigger, the organisation becomes more complex. Fortunately, there are tools to simplify your project management. While the physical board has proven itself at work, discover today the advantages of the online collaborative board.

An online collaborative board helps to define your project

To make your project a success, one of the first steps consists of carving out your project. In fact, by carving out your project, you establish the complete list of tasks to be accomplished. For example, if your project is to create a smartphone application, you need to think of all the areas that are essential to carrying out the project: programming, graphic design, user experience, etc. By determining all the tasks to be accomplished from the start, you will be less likely to forget them along the way (and thus avoid an accumulation of delays).

An online collaborative board helps analyse workloads

Now that you have put all the work to be done on your collaborative board, your task management has already improved. How? By taking the time to think about the resources and time allocated for each task, you get a better idea of ​​the workloads that lie ahead. Starting out from this observation, you will be able to reflect on the success of your project. Will it be possible to complete this project on schedule? If not, is it possible to use outsourcing? With the Nutcache online solution, you have the opportunity to invite consultants to your project team.

An online collaborative board is useful for prioritising tasks

For effective task management, it is essential to prioritise your tasks, in other words, to determine which are the most important ones to perform. Are these tasks that require more time and resources, or are they rather urgent tasks? With Nutcache, you can associate a task to a label  according to the urgency of the project. Your teammates can then concentrate their efforts on the priority tasks. In addition, Nutcache also allows the creation of new labels according to the needs of your project. For example, you can create a label for tasks reserved for the team responsible for computer programming.

An online collaborative board improves communication

It is repeated often enough: good communication is essential to teamwork! With a collaborative board accessible to all members of your team, your colleagues understand better the role they have to play in the project. This allows them, among other things, to contribute to the discussion while promoting collaboration. For better results, feel free to maximise the use of additional features. For example, thanks to Nutcache, you can assign each task to one or more members. In addition, with the @mention function, you can draw a colleague’s attention to certain urgent cases. Your teammates will not need to bother you in order to find out who does what.

An online collaborative board increases your productivity

Looking to increase the productivity of your team? The use of a collaborative board allows you to optimise your work. Take, for example,  the Kariban method, which divides the board into three columns: to do, in progress, finished. The only thing you have to do is to place the tasks under the “To Do” column and then delegate the first tasks to your colleagues under the “In Progress” column. This method also has as a principle limiting the number of tasks to be performed at the same time. You thus avoid the dangers of multitasking, but also those of professional burnout.

A collaborative board measures the progress of your project

The collaborative board being a visual tool, it is easier to note the progress of your project. What tasks have been accomplished? What remains to be done? However, an online collaborative board can do even more for you. With Nutcache, each member can enter their time entries for each task performed. Thus, not only does your board show the progress of your project, it also accounts for the time devoted to each task. Remember this feature, as it will serve you later, in look-back mode.

An online collaborative board motivates your team

As we have mentioned earlier, your board shows the progress of your project. This has a positive effect on the morale of your team. The more your project progresses, the more your team is motivated and finds the necessary strength to complete the project on time. You can also use the board to motivate your teammates further. For example, suggest going to a restaurant once the last task has been completed. Or even give a prize to the person or team who is most involved in the project.

An online collaborative board helps to understand the management of tasks better

Even if your project is finished, there are still some details to settle. Indeed, give yourself a look-back moment to reflect on the functioning of your recent project. Did the performance of tasks go well? Were there delays in the project? Could your team have done things differently? If yes, how? Thanks to your collaborative board, you can examine not only the progress of your project, but also the work of your colleagues. It is also an opportunity to meditate on your method for managing tasks. As soon as your moment of reflection is over, do not forget to offer feedback  to your teammates so they know what things should be improved for the next project.

With the online collaborative board, you promote the success of your project within the required timeframe. If you are currently looking for a tool to facilitate your management of tasks, do not hesitate to test the Nutcache solution. Our online solution includes many features, including the creation of collaborative boards as well as the sharing of files. Moreover, this free trial lasts 14 days. What are you waiting for to register?