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A construction project manager is responsible for coordinating all participants involved in the same building project. Not only must he demonstrate his competence in the field of construction, he must also prove that he has well-established human skills. In order to obtain this coveted position within a company, the ideal project manager must possess the following qualities.


The construction project manager must acquire an ability to guide and motivate his teammates. This capacity, named leadership, differs from one project manager to another. For some, it shows as a firm hand, a directive style. For others, it shows as someone that brings people together by creating links between team members. Regardless of their leadership style, construction project managers must demonstrate their ability to create an environment of trust.

Team builder

Teamwork is essential to any project’s success. However, before reaching a result, a construction project manager must know how to create a coherent team. To this end, the construction project manager must have a good understanding of human nature. For example, if he knows how people end up working together, he can push his teammates toward a common goal. Thus, they will be less likely to cause conflict.

A communicator

Communications is a  key element to the success of any team. It is thus natural that a construction project manager should have an ability to communicate any relevant information to his teammates. He must also ensure that the information transmitted is clear and well understood by his interlocutor. Indeed, a communications problem may cause project delays. In order to solve any type of misunderstanding, a construction project manager can count on his mastery of communications tools, including email.

Capable of delegating

Delegating is the ability to assign a task to another person. This action, as simple as it may be, could be seen as a loss of authority and responsibility. However, a good construction project manager recognizes that he cannot excel at all tasks. He also knows that he does not have all the time necessary to perform them. That is why he must delegate work to people who are able to perform it. Being able to delegate is not only an act of humility, but also an act of trust towards one’s teammates.


In order to meet project deadlines, a construction project manager must show organization In fact, one of the best ways to implement a project is to divide it into tasks, and then assign each a deadline and a responsible person. However, the project manager must also recognize the most important work to be done in order to avoid delays. To help with task prioritization, he uses tools such as an agenda or a project management tool.

Capable of working under pressure

A construction project manager must have the ability to adapt to any situation. What happens if an employee does not show up at the site? What to do in case of mechanical breakdown? What if there is a delay in the delivery of materials? Faced with these unforeseen events, the project manager must have a high level of tolerance for stress. He must also expect shorter nights, as his projects will occupy his thoughts as they are performed.


Honesty is not a quality to be neglected in a construction project manager. Indeed, when the latter has the duty to announce bad news to clients or teammates, honesty is the best way to go. Even if those who are listening would prefer to hear something else, this direct attitude pays off in the long run. Among other things, it saves time and goes into solution mode immediately rather than allowing the situation to deteriorate slowly.


It is not enough to be honest with others. You must also be honest with yourself. In this matter there is no room for pretension! A construction project manager knows his strengths and weaknesses. If he accepts the right to make mistakes in his teammates, he also accepts the right to be wrong and to start over. He recognizes his fallibility and does not stop questioning himself. This quality is also necessary for the application of the following qualities.

Capable of solving problems

A project may bring its share of problems, be they technical, monetary or relational. If it is not possible to predict what difficulties a construction project manager will encounter on the site, he must not fear the challenges. To solve problems, he will demonstrate his alertness in different ways. For example, he must remain realistic about time management, but in other cases, he must use diplomacy in order to defuse a conflict

Willing to learn

Finally, the last and not least quality sought is to have a thirst for continuous learning. Since the construction project manager does not live in the past, he constantly seeks to improve his skills to guide his teammates better. Always with the aim of becoming a better project manager, he is also committed to mastering new tools or new management methods. Once these learnings are integrated into his workplace, he continues his quest for perfection.

Thanks to these qualities, a construction project manager will be able more easily to carry out the works at the building sites. Otherwise, he knows how to spot errors and improve so that they do not happen again. For example, to avoid communications errors, he can rely on a project management tool, such as Nutcache.

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