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Despite the warm summer days and the vacation atmosphere, we don’t twiddle our thumbs here at Nutcache as we keep developing and adding new features to help you better manage your projects.

With this new software update, you will benefit from the latest additions to Nutcache, such as improved functionality and user-friendliness, simplified project creation and a better control over your resources and daily activities.

New ways to manage resources and daily activities

Several improvements have been made to the software to facilitate projects and resources management.

A new drop-down menu for quick access to your organizations

It can get confusing and difficult to manage when you are an active member in several different organizations. Therefore, a new drop-down menu has been added under the organization logo to help you organize your organizations, differentiating those you administrate from the ones you’ve been invited to, along with an indication of the total number of users for each organization.

organization menu

A Simplified access to your daily activity

Two new options have been added to the app’s homepage: a Quick access providing shortcuts to common operations, and a My recent activity page where you get an overview of all the activity that has occurred in your organization grouped by project, board, sprint, client, etc.


Moreover, the selected view is saved so next time you log in your selection will display automatically.

A quick way to add members to your project

From now on, it is possible to invite new members to your organization and add them to your project right from the Members tab. In addition to saving time, this shortcut makes it much easier for the project administrator to set up the project and assign resources.


Click the Add link to invite a new member to your organization.


From the invite dialog, enter the member’s email address, name and set a security profile.


Invited members will be notified to join your organization and will already benefit from an active status in your organization.

Project creation made easier

Creating a project can be done in a far simpler way now. To create and save a new project, all you need to do is enter the project name, the client name and the project type, either Agile or Scrum, and click Save. You no longer need to complete the project’s full description to access all of its features.


Once the project is created, all the project additional options become accessible. Continue to complete the project by adding the information required to ensure the project progress and completion (assign members to the project, add features (tasks), set the project budget, etc.).

Save time by mass assigning members to projects

A new option has been added to the member’s file letting you assign the member to multiple projects simultaneously and very quickly.


New features designed to improve the overall user experience

Further interface enhancements have been made to improve your user experience.

An optimized management of user interface language

Once you set the language of the user interface from the language menu, Nutcache will remember your selection so next time you log into the app you will be greeted with your preferred language. The selected language will be applied to all activities (notifications, emails, etc.) and documents (estimates, invoices, etc.) of your organization.

An improved search tool

Thanks to your feedback, our development team has reviewed and improved the search function available in boards and sprints. The advanced search is still accessible and offers multiple filter levels as per member, label, end date, etc.


Improved report filter options

Finally, Nutcache has enhanced the report filtering options to facilitate navigation and increase user-friendliness. It is now possible to apply a more detailed and intuitive cascade search. By default, only items with an active status are shown, archived items being not displayed, but can be using the filter search.

Log into Nutcache to discover all these new features and improvements. Should you require more information about this latest Nutcache update, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].