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It must be a challenge to become a project manager and be given the task of proving that you have the team management skills to get the most out of your members and be able to use team management tools and techniques that can help you guide and lead your team the best way that you could.

Here are a few techniques and tools that can help boost your skills as a team project manager.

Team management tools:

1- Delegation

An effective manager is humble enough to know that he can’t do everything and needs to trust his members so that he can delegate the tasks to the proper person. He also understands the value of synergy and that the product of the whole is a lot better than the total output of each member working separately from one another.

With delegation, the team management tool that he can use is the team charter wherein he can list down the details of the project such as its purpose, and how the group is going to make it work. Learn about the skills and expertise of every member so that you can delegate the tasks appropriately.

2- Motivation

Learning how to motivate your team is essential especially if t is a virtual team with members dispersed from all over the globe. Be positive in the way you approach them. Realize that they all have the skills needed to do their job. They just need encouragement, affirmation, and reminder to make them believe that they can do the job well.

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3- Development

Team members come from various backgrounds with different skills levels and at different career stages. It is the project team manager’s responsibility to develop their skills by assigning them tasks that are challenging and at the same time, they can give them the opportunities to harness their skills.

Feedback that is given regularly and constructively can help team members improve their skills.

4- Communication

This is one of the most essential skills that team managers need to learn and to impart not only to his team members but also to people outside of his team.

Every now and then, you will have to meet with your team members. It is necessary that you know how to run effective meetings and have brainstorming and facilitating skills. You also need to become an active listener when the need arises. The Internet has various team management tools for communication especially for virtual teams. Project managers can check them out and see which suits the team’s needs best.

5- Discipline

Managing discipline with your team members is another team management skill that must not be taken for granted. From time to time, conflicts arise because each member has his own beliefs and attitude that are not compatible with others.

To manage discipline problems, take all the information you need about the situation. The Internet has team management tools that can help you get the information you need yet keep the confidentiality in it. Decide on what to be done on the issue and act on it. Never let the members go away and feel resentful with the other members.

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