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Successful project management doesn’t depend only on what you do, but also on how you do things. As a project manager, you need to have skills and natural abilities that make you a tactical problem solver as well as help you understand human behavior.

If you’re getting started as a project manager and are looking forward to succeed in your career, you need to be better than the rest. If you’re ready to up your game, read on for 7 traits a great project manager should possess.

Great Project Managers Are Visionaries

Project managers often face situations where they have to deliver results within a specific timeframe and budget. As such, they need to be able to see several steps ahead and anticipate consequences of actions taken in the present.
Being visionaries, great project managers can focus on essential details without stressing out over irrelevant issues. Their frame of mind helps them identify obstacles and avoid problems before they emerge.

A great project manager is also able to break down large goals into manageable parts for his subordinates and empower his team to share a common vision.

Great Project Managers Are Competent

While this may sound obvious, it is worth mentioning that project managers need to be competent. A project manager who doesn’t have the skills or expertise required for his job can not only cost other people their jobs, but can also put his own health and sanity at risk.
Most importantly, a great project manager not only has what it takes to be at the helm of a project, but is also able to demonstrate his knowledge and skills to his team. After all, a team that perceives its project manager to be ineffective is sure to falter at some point of time!

Great project managers know the ins and outs of the business well enough to take the right decisions. Moreover, they possess sound technical knowledge and are aware of industry best practices.

Great Project Managers Have Exceptional Organizational Skills

Strong organizational skills are critical for completing projects and being productive on a daily basis. Being organized also helps project managers stay focused on the big picture while prioritizing tasks.

Working on small or big projects and handling several teams can bring various issues and obstacles to the forefront. Despite the obvious pressure to stay within the budget and meet deadlines, a great project manager ensures he stays calm by taking on challenges with a logical and methodical approach.

Great Project Managers Are Team Builders

A great project manager understands process dynamics and knows how to transform a group of strangers into a team that holds together and works toward a common goal. He also keeps the sense of team spirit alive among members despite the many issues that arise during the project execution.

Great project managers also give equal importance to all team members, thereby negating the chances of conflicts and inculcating a cohesive force within the team. Furthermore, a great project manager helps improve a team’s performance by encouraging member participation and keeping an open line of communication.

Great Project Managers Delegate Tasks Effectively

Project managers need to be able to trust individual team members with important tasks. That’s because employees can feel undervalued if they have someone monitoring them and their work continually.

A great project manager recognizes the personal strengths and abilities of his team members so that he can delegate the right tasks to the right individuals. This is necessary to keep team members from being overwhelmed with responsibilities as well as to achieve the best results!

Great Project Managers Are Problem Solvers

Considering that they know all about the business and the project they’re handling, great project managers are problem solvers and they make sure that every issue that arises is dealt with in the best way possible.

Note that a project manager may not have a thorough knowledge of all aspects of a project. However, he is able to leverage the knowledge of his team members and the stakeholders, and come up with plans to solve tough problems.

Great Project Managers Have Excellent Communication Skills

Last but not the least, great project managers are excellent communicators. When it comes to handling multiple projects, managing teams, and dealing with stakeholders all at the same time, clear and effective communication becomes crucial.

Poor communication skills can lead to messages being misunderstood or becoming distorted, ultimately affecting the project negatively. A great project manager is always cautious about the messages he conveys and how he conveys them to everyone.

A project manager with good communication skills can use his assertiveness, and negotiate or persuade as necessary to ensure his teams and projects are progressing efficiently.


Being a project manager surely isn’t easy. All the same, proving yourself as a great project manager shouldn’t be that difficult if you have these traits. Given that most of the traits tie-in with each other, you’ll certainly do well even if you have just a couple of them!