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Nutcache presents its latest release marked by simplicity and effectiveness. We reach out to you periodically because your views on what you like, or dislike, about Nutcache are crucial in helping us define Nutcache’s future development plans. Changes in this release are the direct results of your input. We hope you’ll enjoy them.

The Nutcache main menu has been lightened and streamlined (the background color also changed from black to white) for a more simple and intuitive navigation.

The Maintenances menu has been removed

  • The Products, Services (Tasks) and Taxes menu items are now located under the Sales menu.
  • The Services (Tasks) menu item can also be found under the Projects menu.

The Contacts menu has been removed

  • The Clients menu item is now located under the Sales and Projects menu.
  • The Suppliers menu item is located under the Expenses menu.
  • The Employee (Member) menu item is now accessible from a drop-down list under the company (Organization) name.

The Company menu has been removed

  • All the contents from the Company menu (except for the Welcome page) is now accessible from a drop-down list under the company (Organization) name.
  • The application Welcome page now has its own menu.


One of the comments frequently put forward was concerning the Welcome page and how it was far too cumbersome and difficult to navigate. We listened to your feedback and completely redesigned the page to present a much more intuitive and streamlined content focusing on the application’s key actions.

Nutcache now adopts a simpler terminology, less difficult to assimilate.
• Services are now renamed to Tasks.
• Users and Employees become Members.
• The Company now becomes an Organization.

Now Nutcache no longer makes a distinction between a user and an employee. These two distinct concepts generated too much confusion and are now merged into one entity: a member. Those who now find themselves with a greater number of team members than allowed by their Nutcache package can rest assured, these additional members will not be taken into account towards your maximum allowed members count. However, all newly converted members will have to have their security profile set from the Manage member screen.

Some changes were also made to the invoicing module. Nutcache now allows you to make a payment prior to the date of invoice, this way making it possible to accept a deposit for an upcoming invoice. Nutcache also lets you create an invoice with negative amounts, which will formalize credit notes or refunds.

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