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From the very beginning, the early vision of Nutcache imagined by Alain Nadeau, its founder, has always been to develop a robust, reliable and high-performance application. The technological choices made in 2013 made sense at the time to achieve reactivity and acceptable responsiveness.

Today, 7 years later, as the number of clients grows and as we add more advanced functionality into the application, the underlying code tends to become more complex and the application has become slower to load. Increasing and maintaining the app’s performance is a challenge we tackle daily. 

We know that teams of all sizes using Nutcache do not always get the fast loading times they need, and we make solving this problem our top priority. With this in mind, we have begun reviewing the performance of many elements of the application, including popup screens. As part of the latest Nutcache update, we have improved the performance of the following screens.


The project creation screen

The loading time of this screen has been greatly improved. In addition, we have made some modifications to make it more efficient as it is now possible to:

  • Assign members directly from project creation screen
  • Select a project template from a drop-down list


Performance improvements


Modifications made to this screen are available in all versions of Nutcache.


The time entry screen

Not only has this screen been improved in terms of performance, but we have also added the following new features:

  • The total time worked by current date
  • The budget in hours for the member 
  • Quick time entries (+8h, +2h, +30m, +45m, etc.)
  • New option for billable hours

Performance improvements


Modifications made to this screen are available only with paid versions of Nutcache.


Other screens have also been improved, including the following:

  • Duplicate a task list
  • Move a status
  • Archive a status
  • Restore a status


Currently, our developers are already working on improving the performance of other parts of the application, including a complete overhaul of the task list within a project. The year 2021 will therefore be a crucial year in terms of performance, and every day that passes brings us closer to our ultimate goal, which is to deliver the best possible user experience to our users.