3 minutes

We have great news for you! Before you go off on a well-deserved vacation we are thrilled to introduce a new redesigned version of Nutcache. Here are the main changes that will make you enjoy managing your work using Nutcache even more.

A new vibrant look and feel

As part of the overhaul layout revamp started a few months ago, we decided to add some style to the navigation menu by making it darker. We find that the application theme colors contrast more on a dark menu and, as a result, make navigation easier.


The theme colors also have been reviewed and simplified to make them more in line with Google Material Design colors. 

Great improvements to boards, cards and labels

The past couple weeks we’ve also been hard at work making various improvements to the board layout and the card design. The boards have been streamlined to make them more intuitive and less clustered, but also their performance has been greatly improved. Dragging and dropping cards between lists is now even more quick and easy.


The card has been completely redesigned to give you a better experience and foster greater collaboration between team members. The new @mention feature makes it easier to draw someone’s attention to a high-priority conversation or message or to notify co-workers when discussing a project guidelines.


The label screen also has been revised to make it easier and faster to create labels and add them to a card. A new filter field allows you to search through existing labels but also to create new ones in a snap!


What’s coming next?

We will continue to work hard to make Nutcache the best project management tool out there. Coming up in a couple of weeks, we will start tackling the project financial and budget feature overhaul. Stay tuned!