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At Nutcache, we’re constantly improving our product, and today we are thrilled to let you know that a long-awaited feature, Data Import, is now available in Nutcache. The new import feature allows you to mass import data (clients, members, tasks, and products) from an Excel XLSX file into Nutcache with just a few clicks, so that the move from your previous system to Nutcache will be as easy as possible.

Saving you from manual entry

When you’re starting out with Nutcache, there may be information from your previous system that you need to bring across so you’re able to carry on with your daily activities. To import your list of clients, members, products or tasks, you will need to reformat your file to import so the information correctly matches the relevant fields within Nutcache. The best way to do this would be to download the sample file (XLSX) from the import page. This file will clearly show you how to format your file before importing your data. Importing your data into Nutcache is fast and easy!

data import


And a few more improvements…

Some other interesting additions are included in our July release, such as, and based on user requests, the ability to uniquely customize project and member color labels for greater visibility, or to visually categorize similar types of projects.

project color
Also, members using the collaborative function should be pleased to know that it is now possible to delete an entire board and lists from a board as well. This way, no more cluttering the board list with inactive or completed boards.


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