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This platform is an essential tool both for companies that employ freelancers as well as teams and professionals offering freelance work.
John Boitnott, Inc.
From brainstorming to project reporting, and even customer billing and invoicing, this highly accessible, multi-platform, multi-lingual and scalable productivity tool is ready for the freelancer, teams as well as the enterprise.
Jose Delos Santos, project-management.com

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Simplification, not complication, is what it’s all about

Nutcache presents its latest release marked by simplicity and effectiveness. We reach out to you periodically because your views on what you like, or dislike, about Nutcache are crucial in helping us define Nutcache’s future development plans. Changes in this release are the direct results of your input. We hope you’ll enjoy them.

The Nutcache main menu has been lightened and streamlined (the background color also changed from black to white) for a more simple and intuitive navigation. […]

How to Use Scrum to Boost Teams Productivity

As an agile process, Scrum is extensively used by software companies for product development. In fact, this project management framework can be applied to any project that has complex requirements, aggressive deadlines and a generous amount of uniqueness. This lightweight framework is specially designed for small and close-knit teams developing complex software products.

Here’s Why Trust Matters to a Project Manager

Project management is largely driven by decisions. Every day project manager needs to take dozens or more decisions, some are small while others are prominent. But every decision they take has a huge impact on their people, resources, project and the environment. A single conflict, if not addressed properly, can create both dilemmas and significant risks. Yet, you have to trust project managers – everything they are doing is in the best interest of your company.