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Release notes2019-07-29T15:59:14+00:00

Nutcache release notes

Nutcache release notes provide information on the features and improvements in each release. This page includes release notes for platform releases, feature releases and bug fix releases.

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Release 21 – July 31, 2019

New features and improvements

  • Color scheme and dark menu • Nutcache added some style to the navigation menu by making it darker and the app theme colors are now more in line with Google Material Design principles.

  • Board layout & improved performance • Boards have been streamlined and their performance greatly improved.
  • Card design • The card has been completely redesigned for a better experience and greater collaboration.
  • Label management • Creating and searching through labels is now much easier and faster.

Bug fixes

  • Expenses not calculated properly • Expenses amount in budget and reports did not match the expense amount from the expense list.

Release 20 – March 20, 2019

New features and improvements

  • Freelancer edition • Nutcache introduces a new and simpler plan ideal for freelancers with less than 50 clients.
  • Unlimited guests • Members of your organization flagged as “Guest” will no longer count towards your plan member limit.
  • Multi-currency • You now have the option to assign a foreign currency to a client different from the one configured for your organization.
  • Project responsible • This new role has been added to projects to facilitate project filtering.
  • Time entries • A new pop-up screen now lets you link a time entry to a member, a board, a card or a project service (task).

Bug fixes

  • Time entry approvals • A select/unselect all project managers link has been added to speed up approvals.

Release 19 – January 22, 2019

New features and improvements

  • Member/security profiles overhaul • Nutcache simplifies its permission system by narrowing down the security profiles to 4 different roles.
  • Security profiles batch assignment • We now offer the possibility to assign a security profile to several members simultaneously.

  • Agile/Scrum roles removal • In order to make the project screen less confusing, we removed the Flowmaster and Scrum master roles from the project screen.
  • Internal customer • We addded an internal customer for those who work on internal projects.
  • Homepage • We have slightly redesigned the home screen to make it more relevant to each user’s security profile.

Bug fixes

  • Bug with Safari browser • Fixed a visual bug in invoices and quotes for Safari users in a Mac environment.
  • Inversion of legal terms and notes • Fixed a bug that affected the display of payment terms and legal notes in quotes and invoices.
  • Member Activation/Deactivation • Fixed the bug that closed the screen when using these options.

Release 18 – November 13, 2018

New features and improvements

  • More Admin Power • Account Administrators can now manage the whole subscription.

  • No More Icons – Text tabs for improved navigation! • It will now be easier to understand what’s hidden behind each tabs.

  • Avatars • Personalize your work space! You can now upload an avatar to your profile.

  • UI improvement • Nutcache embraces the Google Material Design principles.

  • New text font • Following the Google Material Design principles, Nutcache adopts the Roboto font.

  • Updated terminology • Changes have been made to the Agile Project-related wording in order to make it more intuitive and less confusing.

  • Nutcache API • Connect Nutcache to your existing tools and workflow.

Bug fixes

  • Display problem with Internet Explorer • Fixed truncated display of some grids with Internet Explorer version 11.
  • Truncated scroll bar in cards • Fixed the scroll bar of a card containing multiple tasks.

Release 17 – September 20, 2018

New features and improvements

  • Google Material Designs • Nutcache applies Google Material Design principles to certain parts of the application.
  • New “no data” icons • Added “no data” icons with action button in data grids and tables.
  • Pop-up windows • Relocation of the My Profile, My Subscription and My Billing menus in pop-up windows.
  • Registration process • Review of steps 1-2 of the registration process.
  • Subscription process • Improved the billing information section of the subscription process.
  • Hidden fields • Some fields in cards from Agile boards and sprints are now hidden by default.

Bug fixes

  • Card description deletion • The description of a card was deleted when clicked outside the save button.
  • Organization total members • The drop-down list under the name of the organization did not display the correct number of members.
  • Default opening of boards • Default opening of boards and sprints following their creation.