Reasons to switch from
Trello to Nutcache

See how the free version of Nutcache out-performs Trello in many aspects.

manage the entire lifecycle of your projects


Unlimited task lists (boards), tasks and clients

Nutcache offers a simple way to organize your projects with kanban boards or any other workflow that suits your needs. And with a free plan that includes unlimited projects, task lists, tasks, and clients, it’s a tool that anyone can use.

  • Create as many projects, task lists and tasks as you want

  • Set a priority level for each of your tasks
  • Invite up to 20 teammates


Project dashboard

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are used to measure the effectiveness of a project. Each Nutcache project has a dashboard section which allows you to rapidly check the progress of your project with simplified graphs and tables.

  • Break down tasks by priority and assignee

  • Stay aligned with the project deadline

  • Make adjustments to reschedule your tasks

Import your Trello boards

Easily move your work to Nutcache. Import your Trello boards, cards, attachment and users into Nutcache in a few simple steps so you can get set up quickly.


Board and list views

Nutcache presents tasks in the form of tables like Trello, but also offers the possibility of viewing them in a list, which offers the user the advantage of hiding tasks that belong to categories that do not concern him.

  • Better identify the tasks to be accomplished

  • Clearly pinpoint the team members responsible for each task

  • Filter tasks to only display your tasks

time tracking


Capture your work hours

Whether at work or on the move, capture the time you spent on different tasks. Need to track time on a specific task? Run a timer on a task as you work, so that you accurately and easily account for every minute of your day.

  • Enter time either manually or using a timer
  • Compare estimated time VS actual time logged

nutcache vs trello

A gateway to other functions

You are outgrowing Nutcache’s free version? Then you’ll find it’s time to take Nutcache to the next level, with access to new functionalities, such as advanced time tracking, project budgeting, Gantt charts, and many more management features.

Make things happen with Nutcache