Project management
for engineering teams

Whether for short or more complex engineering projects, Nutcache’s Agile solution allows you to efficiently plan your resources, budgets and delivery times. Make your clients happy, choose Nutcache.

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The Agile solution engineering teams love

Nutcache’s project management software equips engineering teams with
the tools they need to plan, track and meet deadlines
so they can focus on executing the tasks that drive impact.


Track time spent on tasks

Choose from Gantt charts, task lists, project calendars, and other task management tools to visualy track the time you and your team spend on your engineering projects. Run a timer on a task as you work, and easily add it to your client’s final invoice.

  • Capture the time spent on different tasks and add it to your client’s invoice
  • Assign tasks efficiently

  • Keep your team busy and productive

  • Get an instant overview of your billable time


Plan and organize resources

Acquire complete visibility into employee effort with our robust Agile engineering project management tool. Use the workload view and individual timesheets to ensure that responsibilities are handled equally and that deadlines are met.

  • Break down a project into phases

  • Manage your team’s workload in real time

  • Know your team’s capacity

  • Prevent potential bottlenecks

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Plan, manage, and collaborate on any project

Organize and manage your projects with boards, task lists and tasks to reflect your project workflow. Invite your team members, clients and concerned people to collaborate and comment on different tasks. Communicate without the hassle.

  • Gather everything that matters to your project into one cohesive place

  • Keep track of the overall project’s progress

  • Keep your team busy and productive

  • Adapt the collaborative boards to your preferred project workflow


Deliver projects on time and within budget

Ensure a better understanding about how the human and financial resources are used throughout the project’s progress. Get at a glance an overview of the budget spent by task or by member, the incurred expenses and the billed/billable amounts.

  • Set budget tracking by hours, amounts or costs

  • Define budget alerts

  • Keep track of the overall project’s progress
  • Avoid budget overrun

engineering teams

What our clients have to say

alexandre richer

Very complete and easy to use tool to manage timesheets, follow the progress of projects, create and send quotes, collaborate with teams and for billing.

Alexandre Richer – Géomog inc.

leslie ann hale

I’ve been using Nutcache for over 2 years now to track the time we spend working on our projects. Nutcache is very simple and intuitive and was rapidly adopted by my team.

Leslie-Ann Hale – BRIGAD, Architecture – Design

How Nutcache differs from other engineering project management software?

Not only do we provide all of the tools you need to complete your engineering projects from beginning to end, but Nutcache’s Agile solution also allows you to grow knowing that we will always be there for you.

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As one of the best all-in-one project management and collaborative software on the market, Nutcache provide an integrated workspace to manage engineering projects from ideation to completion.

Budget planning and cost control

All the financial tools you need to proactively track and manage your costs, and stay within budget are provided with Nutcache’s project budgeting module.

Lower risk factors

No project can be completely free of potential risks. Nutcache, on the other hand, allows you to reduce them, for example, by creating alerts to help you anticipate and mitigate risks.

Room to grow

Every step of your company’s growth and expansion will be fueled by your recommendations for new features, regular updates and outstanding support.

Project management software for
engineering teams

From civil and mechanical to chemical and electrical, Nutcache is a perfect fit for any engineering teams managing projects with many team members. Companies in the list below are already working with Nutcache.

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Electrical engineering

  • Civil engineering

  • Technical engineering