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You’ve heard it before: time is money. For a lot of employees, however, time can be, well, annoying – especially when tracking it. This is because time tracking often conjures up images of an old-fashioned punch-card system or a micromanaging boss in a stifling office climate. Others may see it as additional work where they need to report what precisely has been done, how long it took, and how long it was supposed to take. 

If you’re looking to introduce time tracking software to your organization, it is important to highlight the positives and explain how the data will be used. After all, it’s a tool to improve productivity, increase efficiency, and get an overview of your team’s performance – not to spy or breathe down employees’ necks. 

Nutcache’s time tracking feature allows you to see exactly where company time goes. It’s an all-in-one solution to track work hours across projects, calculate billable hours, and labor costs, track attendance, breaks, and time off (holidays), and track project progress and budget. Here are just some of the benefits of using this time tracking tool:

Time Tracking Helps Quantify and Increase Productivity

The insights provided by time tracking can be a real eye-opener. Do you know how much time is spent answering emails, browsing the web, or attending meetings? Running a timer on a task while you work allows you to easily account for every minute of the day. When you know exactly how you’re spending your time, you’re less likely to scroll through Instagram or TikTok and more likely to do what you’re supposed to. In short, time tracking holds you accountable and helps you block out distractions.

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Time Tracking Offers a Visual Representation of Time

Nutcache offers several different charts to visualize your team’s productivity. A Gantt chart works in conjunction with time tracking so you can see how long your project will take and how work is progressing along the way. Nutcache also allows you to track your time visually and see at a glance all the work in a calendar-like view. This graphical data also makes it easy to monitor billable hours, income growth, and so much more. Another great feature is the ability to see multiple projects. This way you can know who’s working on what and when.With a clear picture of where time is going, you’ll be able to make schedule adjustments for improvement.

Time Tracking Highlights Most Productive Hours 

Being busy is not the same as being productive. With time tracking, you can easily see when you get the most work done. Some employees might be more productive first thing in the morning, while others might get more done in the afternoon after lunch. Offering your employees the flexibility to adjust their schedule according to their highest level of efficiency will increase output as well as engagement.

Time Tracking Minimizes Multitasking

Working on more than one task at the same time will eat up your energy. As much as we’d like it to, multitasking doesn’t work. Even though the intention is to complete more in less time, we wind up losing concentration and achieving less. With time tracking, you are limited to putting only one entry at a time, meaning you can’t work on two tasks simultaneously. As a result of this restriction, employees will be compelled to zero in on the work at hand, without wasting time switching between different projects and applications. 

Time Tracking Encourages Microbreaks

As mentioned above, time tracking prevents multitasking. And tackling tasks individually translates to improved focus and fewer mistakes. It also allows employees to transition to the next task with ease as it gives the brain a chance to rest and become accustomed to a new mindset. Working in intervals punctuated by microbreaks helps employees regain their energy, productivity, and creativity.

Time Tracking Makes Quoting Client Projects a Breeze

In order to calculate how much your clients owe you, you’ll need to track the billable hours you’ve worked. Fortunately, Nutcache calculates billable hours automatically, removing the guesswork and enabling you to provide accurate invoices

Time Tracking Reveals Pain Points

Avoid burnout and figure out why some employees are putting in so many hours – is it because they feel guilty if they don’t? Or, do they have too much on their plate? Or, perhaps they can use their time more wisely? Time tracking can help determine whether a department needs more resources, in terms of staff or automation software, or if the employee needs guidance.

Take the free version for a spin!

Under 20 employees? Give Nutcache a try, it’s completely free to use! Or, get in touch with us to learn more about the many benefits that come with our software and find a plan that works for you. The clock is ticking!