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We hope you all had a successful start to 2017. Here at Nutcache we sure did as the update we’ve been working on for the past few weeks is finally released. We added some exciting and impactful changes to Nutcache to enhance your overall experience. Here’s what we released in the update:

Project board templates

Setting up a project board workflow to reflect your business reality can take time. So, in consideration of this, Nutcache now offers 4 project board templates to speed up workflow setup. You can now choose to create your own board and organize it the way you want or base your project workflow on a Kanban, Scrum, Weekday or Team members approach.


Custom expense categories

PRO and Enterprise users will now have the ability to create additional expense categories to organize and track various expense types within their organizations.

custom expense categories

‘Duplicate’ feature in Projects

Because your work processes can be fixed, there’s no point setting up same projects with tasks, members and budget again and again. So Nutcache came up with the new “Duplicate project” feature, which lets you duplicate an existing project –with all of its content: tasks, members, budget, milestones—and use it as a template for your next projects.


Project specific tasks

Some changes have been made to the way tasks are managed in Nutcache. The task maintenance screen is now used to create more generic task types such as Analysis, Development, Tests, etc., while more precise and specific tasks can now be created and added right from the project.


Improved search function

We made Nutcache even easier-to-use by making some significant improvement to the search by date function within lists. Searching within lists is now much faster and more intuitive since you can limit your search to a predefined date range or create your own date range.


Whatever the time of year, the Nutcache team is always working hard to enrich and improve your preferred management application, and it’s all yours to enjoy!

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