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Project management entails collaboration skills that play a crucial role in the outcome of any project. The first few stages of a project include collaboration through planning and monitoring which are very essential in the success of any business endeavor.

The Internet as a Tool for Communication

The use of the Internet as a tool for communication in project management has greatly contributed to the success of any project. For this reason, various collaboration software, instant messaging programs, project management tools, and other social media have been used to supplement the communication needs of project teams.

Internet Tools for Communication

Here are a few of the best tools for communication that project teams as well as small to medium sized businesses use to facilitate collaboration in the workplace.

1. Skype Video Conference

Skype is one of the most popular medium of communication in business as well as for personal use. For companies that need to meet with people who are located far from other parts of the world, the use of the Internet as a communication tool is helpful. With a video conferencing program like Skype, people in a meeting can see each other, hear each other and get instant responses just like a real meeting does. Skype is good for one-on-one interaction as well as with multiple people and can be done anywhere if using a smartphone or tablet.

2. Virtual Meetings/Webinar

Skype may be mostly used for personal purposes but the virtual meetings and presentation programs such as Go To Meeting & Go To Webinar are built for business and work purposes. It is efficient for collaboration and presentation because it is easy to display a slide show presentation to be shown to all the attendees. A Webinar can be recorded and played again which makes it a useful presentation tool using the Internet.

3. Social Media

In terms of communicating important project events and milestones, nothing beats the Internet as a tool for communication with its social media sites, e.g., Twitter, Facebook and the like. They are some of the ways to use the Internet as a communication tool. However, for internal project communication, you can use private social media tools such as Yammer, Bitrix, Jive, Blogtronix, Bloomfire, and more.

Other Ways to Use the Web as a Collaboration Tool

  • Project Hub. Project team members can pull information from this Internet communication tool.
  • Project Schedule. Publishing a schedule for the project events and milestones can keep everyone in track.
  • Survey Communication Tools. Find out what most of the team use to communicate and from there, build it up so that it is easier to relay important and relevant information about the project.

There are various online project management tools that have collaboration software and one of them is Nutcache Project Management and Collaboration Program. Give it a try with its free trial and discover how you can benefit from the use of the Internet as a tool for communication.

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