Time tracking enthusiasts, prepare yourself to be dazzled!

Your patience will soon be rewarded as Nutcache’s next round of new features and improvements will make it so much easier to record time spent on projects and tasks. Thus, Nutcache’s next update, which is slated for release somewhere towards the end of November, will include the following additions:

Multiple web timers

Wish to track time on several tasks simultaneously? No prob! Nutcache will let you run multiple timers on different tasks as you work, so that you can accurately and easily account for every minute of your day.
Time tracking made easy


Track time by duration or by start/end values

The timers will offer you to capture the time spent on different tasks either by duration (which is the standard way of recording time) or by start/end time entries allowing you to display on your client’s invoice the time spent on a task. Both types of time entries will allow editing once recorded for greater billing flexibility.
Time tracking made easy


New calendar detailed view

Time entries from the calendar view will now be displayed in a more detailed and appealing view allowing you to see at a glance who’s working on what and for how long (member, project, task and worked hours).
Time tracking made easy


Link members and tasks to a project

Linking specific members and tasks to a project will allow members to only log time against projects and tasks they have been linked to.
Time tracking made easy


And a few more goodies…

In addition to those new features, billable hours automatic rounding and a new Timesheet by member (or projet) report will improve the time tracking enthusiast’s experience. So stay tuned for Nutcache’s next release!


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