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All great project managers understand and apply the techniques of effective time management; it’s a prerequisite to survive in this very dynamic field. An efficient and productive organization is one where employees have perfected the skill of time management seeing as there are quite a number of activities (personal and official) that demand your time during the day. Back to the project manager – It’s common knowledge that one of the constraints every project faces is time. Time cannot be stopped, paused or bought, this is why every good manager strives to maximize the use of time.

To successfully complete a project on schedule, the project manager would need to equip himself with the necessary skills for dealing with time-wasting tasks on a daily basis. A project that is not delivered on schedule will not only affect the budget that’s been designated for it, it will negatively affect the project’s resources and weigh on the morale of project team members.

Hassled, stressed out managers are a common sight in the project management industry and a common cause is that they spend so much time monitoring various activities and personnel that they forget to keep track of the time they spend on all these activities.  It is understandable that for a project manager striving to deliver good results at the end of the day, the temptation to micro-manage everyone is one that constantly hovers around.

However, history has taught us that prioritization, delegation and the ability to recognize time wasters for what they are, remain the bedrock of effective time management. Below are a few tips to help you make the best use of your time as a project manager.

time management tips

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