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In the past, project management and collaboration were done through emails and sharing platforms. Today, the recent advancements in technology have contributed in providing the right project management tools that can help your projects succeed. Previous generations of project managers and teams could just dream of these worthwhile tools and wished that they were available during their time. These project management tools have created smoother operation in the performance of the project tasks. They have also increased the members’ efficiency and have created a better overall collaborative experience.;

Project Management Tools
The following tools and features have greatly helped revitalize the project management performance:

  • Data storage and backup. Gone are the days that businesses use filing cabinets as an essential organizational tool as they have become obsolete with the arrival of project management technologies. Storing data on the cloud or on a hard drive has made it possible to back up all the data and securely keep records on file even when the computer encounters problems.
  • Accessibility and communication. In the past, having team members in the same area can be considered accessible. However, technology has changed this setting in the past years. Team members in various projects need not be located in the same area or company. In fact, they are located in different parts of the world. Technology has improved accessibility and promoted instant communication. Many team members work at home and even if they are located in the opposite side of the world, they can be accessible almost any time of the day or night.
  • Project management platforms keep the team up with deadlines. It cannot be argued that the project management platforms have helped project teams keep up with the deadlines. Keeping deadlines can be extremely difficult at times but with the support of technology and software, collaborators can easily complete their tasks on a schedule that is convenient to everybody.
  • Budget tracker. Excel spreadsheets have long served its purpose of keeping track of business expenses. Even until now, some organizations still make use of the Excel spreadsheets to keep track of their expenses as well as their revenues. However, new project management software have now simplified the budgeting challenges that Excel has not resolved, such as the complicated formulas in the multiple varieties of expenses.
  • Time tracking. In the past, it was hard to calculate the time that was spent on a specific task. Today’s project management programs have features that make it easy for the team members to calculate or track the time spent on each project tasks.

Technology’s revitalizing role in project management cannot be argued. Project management programs have various features that have contributed to a more efficient project completion. As time goes on, there will be more enhancements that will greatly change the way project managers and members handle the tasks and various aspects of their project. Technology will always be a great help as it continues to support the project teams in managing the various tasks, roles and responsibilities that are assigned to them.