The new file attachment feature will make your life much easier!

Managing invoices and expenses in Nutcache is easier than ever since you can now choose to attach documents to your transactions! Document your work, share it with your client and get paid faster by attaching statements of work, receipts, images, or any other media to invoices, recurring invoices, expenses and estimates.


image Store all your documents in one place
Nutcache lets you attach multiple documents to your transactions and have them right at your fingertips. Do you bill your expenses to your clients? Now with Nutcache, adding your expense receipts to your invoice is a breeze.


image Make the attachments visible or not
You’ll find plenty of reasons to attach documents to your transactions. Maybe you wish to send a contractual document along with your invoice, or maybe you simply want to store an important file about a client for your own purpose. Nutcache gives you the ability to choose whether you want your client to see the attachment or not.



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