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In the past, the basis of employees’ attendance is the punch cards and bundy clocks. All the information and data are stored in a spreadsheet so that the employees’ pay can be computed. Today, everything has been revamped and the new time tracking software features are very efficient in making the job so much easier and quicker.

The Best Time Tracking Software Features

There are various kinds of time tracking programs and some project management systems have integrated their own time tracker. The following are some of the best features of the most popular and most widely-used time tracking tools:

  1. Easily convert hours into invoices. In the past, when employees or project team members forget to log in and out due to their very hectic schedule, they have been shortchanging themselves. With the automated time trackers, the unbilled project hours are easily pulled out and turned into an invoice with just one click.
  1. Work and log your hours from anywhere. Project team members who work from home enjoy the flexibility of schedule so they have the tendency to work anytime and anywhere. Recent time tracking features include the ability to login from anywhere and from any device because when you have the time tracking program, you just need your login details and you can start logging your hours.
  1. Keep track of your progress. At times, team members are given their own time budget. With the new time tracker, it is easy to visualize one’s progress because it can present the number of hours in however way you want it to be: as a list, or as a bar graph, etc. It can add up your hours easily giving you the remaining allotment you need.
  1. Track your team’s schedule. With a time tracking software that can be shared by all the members, everyone can login and out from anywhere and the project manager can keep track of his members’ attendance and work progress.
  1. Keep updated with the time reports. A time tracker normally provides calendar that shows the members’ attendance as well as reports designed for the purpose. It is now easy for project managers to stay updated with the members’ tasks and can see the updates in real-time.
  1. Enhanced user-friendly interface. Most time tracking tools are beautifully designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to use. Some of them come with a dashboard with a centralized view that shows the things that matter most. Others also provide a Gantt Chart that allows them to visually manage their various projects and tasks. Finally, their time tracker allows for a quick access to input time so that it can be submitted for approval.

The best time tracking software provide the above-mentioned features that are typical of great software as well as better service. Today, timesheets are converted into time tracker and these time tracking tools convert hours worked into invoices that are eventually converted to money. These tools make it easy to monitor one’s time and costs.

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