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While doing your annual business planning, keep in mind that growth and scalability are undoubtedly the key words that need to be revolving around your various strategies. Increase revenue, multiply the talents within the team, increase the number of projects and even make the organization shine on a larger scale. To achieve this, you will obviously have more management to do. Indeed, if your contacts are more numerous and you have more customers, you will certainly have more follow-ups and reports to carry out. You must therefore equip yourself adequately. This is when project management software comes in handy.

When you’ll start learning more about project management software, you will realize that the market supply is very large. It can be easy to get lost. You have to make the right choice in order to avoid wasting time and money. By knowing the important points to consider, it will be possible to make an informed decision and it will also make your job easier. Whatever your field of expertise, you should know that an ideal project management tool will adapt to the realities of your businesses. The perfect software will meet the needs of your teams, whatever the sizes, and also various sectors.

Remember that you should also consider several options such as the possibility of using different malleable graphics and this while keeping an overview on your projects. It is by opting for a scalable and flexible program that your work as a manager or entrepreneur will be optimized.

Is the software suitable for my team?

First off, you need to make sure that the software of your choice can keep up, even if you increase the number of users. Just because you manage a small team doesn’t mean that you are looking for a less powerful tool. It is essential that your decision rest on a platform that can evolve with you, regardless of the changes that may occur in your business. 

Classic spreadsheets may seem interesting since they do not incur a fixed cost. On the other hand, with the increased probabilities of errors, and the inability to scale with your projects, the financial benefit would quickly be lost. In fact, it is complex, if not impossible, to make changes by several users simultaneously. Not to mention that automation is not possible with this option.

Several applications offer free versions to meet the needs of small teams without incurring additional cost. This is a great option! However, make sure that you can continue to use this tool if your organization grows. Indeed, you will need a lot of time to transfer all your projects to a new platform. You should always keep in mind that saving time and seeking efficiency are the foundation of your growth.

Do these tools meet the needs of my business?

You also need to choose a tool with which it is possible to make changes to your projects without wasting time in reorganizing them. If at each event you have to start assigning tasks again, readjust your budgets and change your deadlines, this is not very practical.

For example, using a Gantt chart is ideal. These charts will allow you to quickly model all the parameters of your plans. It’s an easy-to-use tool with which you can keep track of your activities. You can change your project variables and assign jobs to users. You do not have to start a new schedule at the slightest change because the different supported modules will be adjusted according to progress. Moreover, with Gantt charts, you can see the status of all your projects in real time. You can therefore anticipate possible delays and react in the event of unforeseen expenses.

The management software you choose must have flexible tools that meet your needs, no matter how your goals evolve.

Can I know how my projects are evolving?

As mentioned earlier, you need to know your projects’ many developments. Whether you are in communication with a client or planning your budgets, you need to have an overview of how the various stages work.

Using a dashboard would be a good option. Indeed, they allow you to have a clear vision of the assigned work. You can follow the tasks progress and know when they are done. You will then be able to plan the next tasks accordingly. You need to maximize productivity without putting too much pressure on your team. The perfect project management tool should also allow you to budget your projects. This will allow you to track your expenses and profits to ensure that your operations are profitable. Make sure to track your performance indicators to be on top of all the financial aspects of your projects. 

In fact, some software offer flexible settings so that you can let some of your clients get an overview of their projects.

Finally, although there are several options available to you on the market, if you take the time to evaluate each one, you will be able to recognize which software meets your current and future needs. If you thought that spreadsheets were a cheaper option, you are now equipped to understand that this is wrong. You need to think about how long it will take to update your multiple formulas. Without forgetting the risk of errors which will be increased. Find a tool that will be quickly and easily acquired by members of your organization. You will all be winners and your goal of growth will be made easier.


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