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Nutcache’s latest update brings new features and improvements that will make it much easier to follow your projects’ progress, thus ensuring better planning and a more effective allocation of your available resources.

Beefed up board cards

Nutcache users who manage their projects through collaborative boards will be pleased to hear that the board cards have been improved as they now record more information to better track the progress of the work to be performed. From now on, the cards will let you set the planned start date of a card vs. the actual start date, the estimated time vs. the actual time and even link the card to an existing project task. The concept of card complexity is also introduced as an alternative mean to properly evaluate the required work, aside from the time estimate.

board cards

Know where your projects stand with the project dashboard

All this new data collected on the board cards will be processed and converted into indicators added to the project screen, providing users of the PRO and Enterprise editions with a valuable dashboard to monitor the progress of a project either globally by summing the data from all related collaborative boards or one board at a time.

project dashboard


The data grid under the project performance indicators displays the progress of the project-related cards broke down by task:

task status


Assign multiple project managers to a project

Good news for companies who run projects with more than one project managers. Nutcache now lets you assign multiple project managers to a project. However, be aware that all project managers benefit from the same set of permissions.

multiple project managers

Speed up project creation by adding tasks automatically

A new option has been added to the task type maintenance screen making it easy and quick to automatically add a task of the specified task type to all new projects.

project task

Project invoicing made easier and quicker 

Invoicing a project, or a client, has been made easier and less frustrating. From now on, you will no longer lose the project list configuration when creating an invoice for a project or a client. Billing a client or a project will open the invoice in a new tab, leaving the project list intact, thereby accelerating the overall billing process.



Among the other improvements introduced with this update is the sign up process overhaul redesigned to better guide users toward the most appropriate edition of Nutcache.

Let us know below what you think about this latest update. We’d love to hear your feedback!