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Receipt.eco implemented Nutcache in March 2021, and since then, this Canadian company tasked with designing an environmentally friendly solution for managing receipts and warranties has seen improved team collaboration, task monitoring, and project management efficiency.

Before choosing a project management software, it is important to understand the processes involved in managing a product’s entire life cycle, from development to deployment.

Of course, the product lifecycle includes many aspects: market research, product strategy, team management, task definition, collaborative projects and many other things to facilitate the process and make it successful. That’s why choosing the right project management software is an essential step.

To show how the right software makes a big difference in project management, we asked Eric Larocque, a Nutcache customer, to tell us a little about his experience so far with the Nutcache software. Eric is a project manager and co-founder of Receipt.eco, an eco-friendly receipt and warranty management solution.

Eric has been using Nutcache software since March 2021 and already has some interesting stuff to say about it. Here’s a summary of the interview the Nutcache Team made with Eric:


Nutcache: How does Nutcache software help you on a daily basis?

Éric Larocque: We use Nutcache in Kanban mode to prioritize our activity and processes. Here are the different kanban boards we’ve set up to help us track our activities:

  1. A kanban for our management activity.
  2. A kanban for marketing activities shared with our communication and marketing agency.
  3. A kanban to prioritize and track our partner integrations.
  4. A kanban for the development team.
  5. A kanban for each of our customers where they are present as observers.

We also use time management and invoicing for our clients, so it’s a much-appreciated tool.


Nutcache: Can we say that Nutcache allows your company to better control its projects and increase its productivity?

Éric Larocque: To be honest, Nutcache is the first app I open in the morning to ensure that the focus is on the right activity, so you could say that yes, our productivity is increasing because our efforts are focused on the right priorities. We’re still in the early stages of using project management, but we’re pleased with what the software has produced so far.


Nutcache: What would you say are the top 3 benefits of Nutcache?

Éric Larocque: 

  • Collaboration: It allows all stakeholders to participate and have access to project information.
  • Prioritization: A tool to have a quick view of the priorities and to track their progress.
  • Comprehensive: All the features we need are available, from creating and managing tasks and sub-tasks to time tracking and invoicing, and also valuable management reports.


Nutcache: Why do you think it is important for a company to have a management solution like Nutcache?

Éric Larocque: At the risk of repeating myself, it is a solution that facilitates project management, regardless of the methodology. It makes for excellent collaboration among the teams involved and allows to have a complete project overview while taking care of time management and billing.


Nutcache: Would you recommend Nutcache to other professionals or companies?

Éric Larocque: Without any hesitation, I have already recommended Nutcache to one of my clients who is starting a project.

Nutcache is a powerful project management tool that all project managers should look into. It could mean the difference between a project that succeeds in reaching its end goal without too many hiccups and a project that fails to do so. Looking for a great customer experience? Choose Nutcache.