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Are you off on vacation, spending time with family and friends? Good! You can continue enjoying summer knowing the Nutcache team is working tirelessly to make your life easier as an entrepreneur. And as such, Nutcache’s next update contains several improvements that will make your experience with Nutcache all the more friendly.

Customize your application further

The new update brings more customization capabilities to your business forms (estimates and invoices) as you now you have the option to show or hide any field appearing by default in the estimate/invoice header, data grid and footer as well.

custom business forms

The new customization capabilities also extend to the emails that are sent to your clients, meaning your can now change the email layout color to match the invoice or estimate color previously set. In addition, you will also have to ability to choose which information you want to display on those emails.

custom email

Gain better control on your projects

Introducing restrictive budgeting
After introducing recently the ability to set a project budget, users of the Enterprise version of Nutcache can now also make a project budget restrictive. As its name suggests, a restrictive budget means it cannot be exceeded once the number of hours (or amount) previously defined is reached. A restrictive budget can be applied to all budget scopes: global, per member or per task.

restrictive budget


Send enhanced notifications when milestones are reached
The notification message sent to the project manager (or any other recipients of your choice) when a milestone is reached has been improved with richer content to clearly indicate the percentage achieved, the initial set budget (amount or hours) and the budget remaining (amount or hours).

milestone notification


Archive completed projects
A new status is now available for completed and billed projects: the archived status. Once archived, a project will no longer appear in drop-down lists as an available project and will not be available for further billing either. An archived project can be deleted or reactivated at any time.

archived projects

Send notification emails upon timesheet approvals

When it comes to approving time and expenses, a new option has been added giving the project manager, or team leader, the possibility to send the member a standard or custom notification email justifying his decision to approve or reject his timesheet.



Whatever the time of year, the Nutcache team is always working hard to enrich and improve your preferred management application, and it’s all yours to enjoy!


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