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Nutcache makes project planning and team coordination so much easier!

Constantly motivated by the idea of making the best application possible, Nutcache announces the availability of a new update deployed as of September 28, 2017. This new update puts project planning and team coordination at the center of the user experience by introducing a new visual planning tool: the Agile Planner.


Available from the Projets menu, the Nutcache Agile Planner is a visual project planning tool that allows managers to see at a glance the tasks their team members are currently working on, but also the tasks that have not yet been assigned.

Agile planner

The Agile Planner provides a complete view of the tasks assigned to your team members, letting you balance  the workload of each member and avoid resource overload. The Agile Planner also lists unplanned stories and allows you to assign them to members by dragging them from the unplanned stories section to individual resources. The Agile Planner is only available with Agile boards.


With this new update, Nutcache also focuses on making collaborative boards and sprints more accessible and user-friendly. As such, when creating a new board, users can now choose between 12 templates that reflect the workflow of various types of business, such as communication/graphics agencies, architects, software development, sales department, HR companies, etc. These templates emphasize Nutcache’s great flexibility to let team members work the way they want by either using predefined workflow templates or by creating their own intuitive templates.

agile board templates

For those who are less familiar with Agile boards or Scrum sprints, Nutcache has added concrete examples of data to make it easier to understand how these two approaches work. What is a story? What is the purpose of the Sandbox list? How do I fill the product backlog? All these questions are answered by concrete examples that display when creating a new organization.

sample data


A new filter added to the lists of boards and sprints now lets you choose to display all boards/sprints or only active boards/sprints. By removing non active boards/sprints from the screen, this filter makes it easier and quicker to locate the desired board or sprint.

Sprint filter

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Finally, Nutcache made a change to the way completed Agile boards are handled. It is now possible for project managers to close, rather than archive, a board when its related project is completed. Once closed, a board remains visible and accessible, but no changes can be made to it.

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