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We have got some exciting news we want to share with you our valuable users. As we announced a few weeks back, we are now introducing a new edition of Nutcache specifically designed for freelancers. Along with this new edition, high demand features have also been added to Nutcache.

The Freelancer edition

Since many of our users are self-employed, we developed and made available a new edition of Nutcache with freelancers’ needs in mind. This new Freelancer edition with unlimited invoices, time entries, and projects is the ideal solution for freelancers with less than 50 clients. Compare our products here.

Invite unlimited guests for free

Nutcache’s latest update lets you invite an unlimited number of guests to your Nutcache account for free, as members of your organization flagged as “Guest” will no longer count towards your maximum number of members allowed. You can now invite all your clients to follow the progress of your projects. Guests have read-only rights, but can comment and attach files to cards.

Free unlimited guests

New multi-currency feature

Nutcache allows you to invoice your clients in their own currency as it is now possible to add on an invoice, or to a customer file, a currency different from the one configured for your organization. The currency defined in a client’s record will be reflected on all invoices and estimates.

client currency

An update that also focuses on continuous improvement

Our team of developers spared no effort to improve our product by taking into account your comments and suggestions and provide you with the best possible user experience. Among the other improvements introduced with this update is the ability to define a responsible person for a project, making it easier to sort and group projects by responsible persons.

Project responsible

The time entry dialog has also been reviewed and simplified to make time entries faster. In addition, it is now possible to link a time entry to a member, a board, a card, or a project service (task).

Simplified time entries

Finally, in order to make navigation more intuitive and consistent, all the invoicing-related maintenances, i.e. Clients, Products, Services, and Taxes, are now grouped together under the Organization menu.

maintenance menus

No matter what time of year, rest assured that the Nutcache team is always working hard to enrich and improve your preferred management application, and it’s all yours to enjoy! Should you need help or have questions, please visit our new Help Center.

What’s coming next?

Here is a sneak peek at what the next update of Nutcache will contain:

  • Discount box: Applying a discount to an invoice’s total amount will be a breeze with the new discount box.
  • Payment deadline: It will be possible to set payment due dates both at the organization level and in each client file in order to better manage outstanding invoices.
  • Data grids: The ergonomics of the grids will be reviewed to improve their use and overall user-friendliness.

Stay tuned as the next update should be available very soon!

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