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Once again, Nutcache’s latest update demonstrates how user experience is part of our top priorities. Here are the new features that will make Nutcache even easier to use and your work more efficient.

Here’s what you will find in this latest version:

  • A notification center to keep you up to date on what’s happening in your projects
  • A search tool to easily find any information in your stories
  • A new option to convert an estimate into a project
  • A persona template creator help you understand the needs of your customers
  • The ability to add time or expense entries to an existing invoice
  • Improved report filters

A filtered search to easily find stories in your boards and sprints

When a sprint or an Agile board is clustered with multiple stories, it can be difficult to find specific information. The new filtered search feature makes it easy to find information within a sprint or a board.

A full-text search lets you retrieve specific information by searching through all stories. Stories can also be filtered by the following elements:

  • by member
  • by label
  • by a planned end date
  • by time entries exceeding effort values

filter function

A great new feature to improve team productivity

  • Members will quickly access their assigned stories.
  • Scrum Masters will detect blocked stories faster.
  • Product Owners will be able to follow the project progress by displaying only stories with close end dates.
  • Project Administrators will be able to see stories with time entries exceeding estimated times.

Get notified and stay on top of what’s happening on your projects with
the notification center

This new feature notifies you about all activity occurring in your projects. You can receive notifications by email or within the app. Notifications are a great way to improve team collaboration and reduce inbox overload.
notification center

Follow the project progress

By default, Nutcache will notify you when these instances occur: 

  • A member is added to a project
  • A member is added to a board/sprint
  • A story is assigned to a member
  • A story changes list
  • A task is added to a story
  • Items in the acceptance test list are validated
  • An attachment is added to a story
  • A new comment is published in a story
  • An expense is added to a story
  • A summary of all changes done in a story if no change occurs within 5 minutes after the first modification

You will also receive notifications when:

  • A timesheet is approved, rejected, or modified
  • A budget milestone is reached
  • An invoice is seen, paid or partially paid
  • A quote is viewed or accepted

Converting an estimate into a project

Enterprise edition subscribers will save a great deal of time when creating new projects with this new feature. Once an estimate is created and accepted by the client, you can convert it into a project with a single click. Tasks from the estimate will convert into project features, project budget will be set as well as the project billing method. 

Persona profile templates to better understand your customers’ needs

Personas templates allows you to identify and represent different user types and describe their goals and behavior.  They help to understand better what users are trying to accomplish with the application. Scrum product owner can now create new persona profiles and communicate to the entire team the customers’ needs and develop the features accordingly.

define a persona

Adding time and expense entries to existing invoices

A new feature now lets you add extra time entries and expenses to existing invoices. This option comes in useful when a client asks for extra work when his project has already been invoiced.

Improved report filters

Finally, Nutcache made improvements to the reports filter options (multi select dropdown lists) to make them more efficient and intuitive. 

Log into Nutcache to discover our new features.  Should you require more information about this latest Nutcache update, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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