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Nutcache is rolling out its latest update which introduces new features that will improve sprint planning and tracking with significant workflow productivity gains.

The burn-down charts

When using the Agile/Scrum methodology to manage projects, the burn-down chart is a fundamental metric providing a graphical representation of work left to do in a sprint versus time. Nutcache’s new burn-down chart displays the remaining effort for a given period of time by measuring the progress of the 4 following components:

  • By stories
  • By tasks
  • By complexity values
  • By acceptance tests

burndown chart

Use the burn-down chart on a daily basis to track the total work remaining in relation with the initial forecasts set for the sprint.

Move stories from one list to another

Adding new stories to your sprint backlog, or board, from the product backlog has just been significantly improved with 2 new features — “Move stories” and “Select from backlog” — added to boards/sprints and lists that let you transfer stories between 2 lists from the same board/sprint, or from 2 different boards/sprints, using a simple “drag-drop”.

move stories

Mark stories as “Done” automatically

Nutcache has made standard operations much quicker. From now on, setting a story as “Done” will move it to the “Done” list and adjust its done date automatically. In addition, when a story is completed and moved manually to the “Done” list without a done date, it will be labeled as “Done” automatically. Similarly, if the story is moved back into the sprint backlog, its status will revert to “Undone” and its done date will be cleared automatically.

mark as done

Bring more value with the Business value and ROI factors

Assigning a business value to each story and using that insight to prioritize the product backlog is one thing a Product Owner can do to maximize his resources, especially since the business value of a story divided by its complexity point gives you the return on investment (ROI) of the development effort. ROI is also a key factor when 2 stories displays the same business value.

business value


More Scrum planning and managing features are made available in this update, such as the automatic sprint dates calculation, and more will be added in the upcoming weeks (the velocity graph, for instance), which will make managing projects much easier. Stay tuned for more features as Nutcache continues to enrich and improve its application!

Should you require more information about this latest Nutcache update, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].