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Multi-awarded and all-in-one project management system provider, Nutcache, introduces its latest version, the Nutcache V9 packed with new time tracking and project management features that make this program a major solution for management of almost all types of projects. Nutcache offers a variety of features in its project management system such as organization, collaboration, expenses and sales management as well as time tracking. With its new release, companies and their project members can now easily team up to collaborate with each other on their tasks, get their time tracked, and easily get paid. According to the company’s product manager, Sebastien Boyer, “We build Nutcache to be extremely flexible so it fits the way business owners organize and manage their workflow. And we believe project managers and team members will be thrilled with the latest additions we have made to Nutcache. Now Nutcache users have a better control of their logged hours and every minute spent on task is being accounted for. Plus, managing the staff’s time and pulling in project hours and expenses onto invoices and billing clients accordingly is a breeze.”

Nutcache V9 has added the following new features to improve its program:

  1. Multiple web timers. The feature allows the member to run multiple timers simultaneously as he works on various tasks. As a result, it is easy to track work time and account every minute spent on each task.
  1. Track time according to duration or by start and end. The new timer offers flexibility on how the member wants his work hours to be tracked. The two options to track time spent on tasks are by duration or by the start/end values.
  1. New calendar view. The calendar view is now more detailed and displays the members who are working on what project and tasks and for how long the work has been done or if it is still on-going.
  1. Linking members and tasks to a project. It is now easier for members to log time against the tasks and projects assigned to them as they are linked to them. This allows for more collaboration between members and project managers.
  1. In addition, Nutcache offers additional features such as automatic rounding of the member’s billable hours. Also, the new version includes the capability to generate a new timesheet report which can be presented according to member or project.

The newest Nutcache V9 transforms itself to become one of the best solutions for project management offering significant features in collaborative project management with expenses, invoicing and time tracking features. Nutcache offers everything that businesses of all types and sizes need to keep track of the details and organization of any project.

Nutcache V9 updates its features and will constantly add more relevant features as it consistently innovates for more improvements that prove itself worthy to be any team’s preferred project management tool.


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