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Oil, Southern hospitality, rodeos and cowboys are words you would typically find in your average Dallas documentary but the city is that and so much more. With close to 40 colleges and universities, 9 Fortune 500 companies and thousands of businesses and shopping centers, the city of Dallas is certainly thriving.

Although, they may be a long way from silicon valley in terms of tech startups, they are no slackers either. The city boasts of a healthy tech ecosystem and some amazing startups that are slowly but steadily disrupting the tech space.

Listed below (in no particular order) are a few of those startups that are seriously hacking it out there, determined to leave their footprints on the sands of time.


Startup Category – HealthTech



Why they rock! – Using online case management tools and various systematic approaches, Cariloop wants to ensure that your aging loved ones are properly cared for. Their processes also involve providing qualified coaches to help plan and manage the care of the elderly.


Startup Category – Smart Technology


Why they rock! – The co-founders of this company did not just create a LED light bulb to help you go green, they’re doing it in a cool way too. The Ilumi LED smart bulb uses Bluetooth technology to change the brightness or colour of the light. What’s more, you can sync it to music to help create mood, it’s got a timer and has a “torch” feature which comes in handy when your hands are too full to turn it on manually.


Startup Category – Travel App


Why they rock! – The company has come up with a great way to provide real-time travel information for organizations whose staff regularly embark on corporate trips.

With Traxo, these companies can track travel expenses, travelers can get flight alerts on their phone, get their travel loyalty points logged in and managers can easily keep track of their staff’s itinerary.

It takes away the headache of travel managers who have to keep track of both on and off platform bookings as it integrates travel information from hundreds of travel sources.


Startup Category – FinTech


Why they rock! – HedgeChatter analyses real-time social media chatter using a predictive tool that gives financial experts the necessary information they require to make good investment decisions. In simple terms, they help you make money off finance-related gossip on social media!


Startup Category – Gaming


Why they rock! – Munzee is a free geo-location based scavenger hunt game that uses a smartphone to help capture virtual targets – QR Codes. What’s even more amazing is that Mumzee is using this technology to help drive traffic to small business.


Startup Category – Smart Technology


Why they rock! – Vinli is working towards ensuring that your car is as smart as your phone. The company has come up with a product that allows your car access to its range of apps that makes your car look cool. Once you plug it into your car’s OBD II port, you will be able to access 4G LTE internet, no matter where you are, it automatically detects a crash and calls 911 and you can even sync it with your computer.


Startup Category – Social Entrepreneurship


Why they rock! – Tangotab has an app that helps feed 50 million Americans who don’t get enough food to eat. The company partners with restaurants that donate a portion of the proceeds of a client’s bill after the client checks into the restaurant and logs into the app. In simple terms, Tangotab is helping drive traffic to restaurants, while feeding those who can’t afford 3 meals- at no extra cost. They are are literally chasing away hunger with technology.


Startup Category – Peer-to-Peer Online Market Place


Why they rock! – Guidehop is bringing together people looking for tour guides in a certain area with people knowledgeable enough about those areas to act as tour guides. In other words, Guidehop wants to help you make money off your expertise while helping someone else become more informed about a particular activity or locale. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.