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As announced a few weeks ago, Nutcache is consolidating its Agile shift by adding the Scrum framework to its application. In addition to providing an undeniable advantage to Nutcache, introducing the Agile/Scrum framework will give you faster results and better collaboration and communication among your team members.

Agile or Scrum project, which one should I choose?

From now on, Nutcache offers you two options when creating a new project: via the Agile-Kanban approach or by using the Scrum framework.

project selection

The Scrum project

The life of a project developed through the Scrum framework is made up of a sequence of releases, which in return are made up of a series of sprints. The Scrum framework added to Nutcache offers all the elements required to complete the main stages of the Scrum development cycle: from setting up the Scrum project, to creating the product backlog, the first sprint, defining its duration, goal, and definition of done, to adding stories and tasks, to closing the sprint when it’s completed, and integrating it to the release.

The sprint backlog:

scrum sprint


The ongoing sprint:

scrum sprint


Of course, a complete revision of the terminology used has been performed in this latest update to comply with the Scrum nomenclature. Here are some examples of terminology changes:

scrum glossary

The Agile project

As for managing projects using the Agile approach, nothing has changed with this update, except for terminology, since Nutcache has been offering collaborative boards for quite a while now to manage your projects either Kanban style (To do – Doing – Completed) or any other ways that best suit your business workflow.

kanban board

Nutcache lets you manage your organizations more efficiently

In addition to adding the Scrum framework, Nutcache has made a few changes to the way organizations are managed within the application. From now on, all the information related to your current organization can be found in the left-hand main menu of your application while your additional organizations are managed from under the My Account menu.

organization menu

A quick look to the Manage organizations menu will now allow you to see the organizations you own (the current organization and other organizations available), the organizations in which you are invited and the number of active members for each of them.

Organization management


At Nutcache, our goal is to create the most complete, intuitive and flexible Agile project management application for teams. Bearing this objective in mind, Nutcache will continue to improve its application in the coming weeks, notably by adding Scrum tools to help track the progress of a sprint (such as the burn-down chart) and to measure the velocity of the project team at the end of each sprint.


Should you require more information about this latest Nutcache update, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Let us know below what you think about this latest update. We’d love to hear your feedback!


The article main image is a courtesy of Scrum.org