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One way to inspire your team is to use effective communication techniques to motivate them and show that as a project manager, you care about them as a person. As a result, you find your ways to motivate your members especially when there are changes that produce uncertainty, stress and anxiety. With proper motivation, the team’s performance will continue to be resilient from any challenges that come along the way. As a team leader, project managers should take motivation as a challenge as it is an essential part of the team building.

The members in a project team have different personalities and each with his or her own communication style. Differences in the way people express themselves can pose a big challenge to the project manager and to the whole project team as well. It is for this reason that it is essential to learn how to become a goal-driven communicator and how effective communication techniques can motivate and inspire the team.

Goal-Driven Communication

In task performance, always set the goals as clearly as you can. The goals must be thoroughly clarified before a team member starts on a task.

They need to be measurable and the deadline for completion should be reasonable. If a member understands what is expected of him, it is easier to perform the job and finish it on time.

In helping the team begin work with the end in mind through goal-oriented or goal-driven communication, use communication as the means to a successful journey towards achieving the goal.

The point is to inspire your team and to achieve reliable communication which aims to identify possible misunderstanding between members and resolve it.

Straightforward vs. Goal-Oriented Communication

Unfortunately, most people communicate using straightforward communication. They express themselves in ways that are hard for the listener to understand.

As a result, there is no change in the behavior in the listener because the communication was merely an expression of thoughts or feelings and it wasn’t used to strategically achieve the goal of understanding each other.

A speaker who has the intention of making himself understood can use goal-oriented communication successfully. This type of communication is flexible and adjusts to various types of listeners because it is based on a strong reasoning process.

Inspire Your Team Through Effective Communication Techniques

The advancement of technology has greatly changed the way project teams perform their tasks. Gone are the days that team members sit together in one room for a certain number of hours for most of the days of the week.

The advent of the Internet has introduced a new way of collaboration, that of being in virtual teams with members spread out all over the globe. These members come from diverse cultures and backgrounds and with different time zones.

To inspire your team within these conditions can be demanding. The challenges that these bring about are the reasons why there is a need for goal-driven communication in the workplace and even in virtual teams. It brings about effective communication between members ensuring that every single thing is understood.


People differ in the way they assimilate information. They learn differently. As a project manager, the task is to use a mix of the knowledge of how various types of learners understand information. Include the target audience in the presentation so that they understand better and as a result, they feel inspired to easily achieve goals during the reasonable deadline.


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